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News about Spanish politics and government.

Brexit Becomes A Political Issue In Spain

EDITORIAL: In Britain, Brexit is beset by government and political infighting. Immigration policy, the services sector, the customs union, the Irish border and even what to do about Trump's new tariff talk are all on the agenda, and ... (Read full story).

Supreme Court Refuses To Release Jordi Sánchez From Jail For New Confidence Debate In Catalonia

NEWS: Supreme Court judge Pablo Llarena has refused Jordi Sánchez permission to leave prison on remand near Madrid to attend a confidence debate in his candidacy for First Minister of Catalonia in Barcelona on Monday, a spokeswo... (Read full story).

New Supreme Court Deadline Threatens New Confidence Debate In Separatist Candidate In Catalonia

NEWS: Supreme Court judge Pablo Llarena has given the Public Prosecutor's Office, the Attorney General's Office and the political party Vox five days to make arguments concerning the release from remand of Jordi Sánchez (Junts P... (Read full story).

Constitutional Court Keeps Jordi Sánchez In Jail

NEWS: Spain's Constitutional Court has voted unanimously to reject an appeal by the new candidate for First Minister of Catalonia, Jordi Sánchez (Junts Per Catalunya), to be released from jail in Madrid, where he has been on rem... (Read full story).

Rajoy Names EIB Vice President Román Escolano As Spain's New Economy Minister

NEWS: Mariano Rajoy has appointed European Investment Bank (EIB) Vice President Román Escolano as Spain's new Economy Minister, in place of Luis de Guindos, who is leaving is role to become Vice President of the European Central... (Read full story).

Popular Party Wants Expat Votes For 2019 Local Elections In Spain After Brexit, El País Reports

NEWS: The governing Popular Party wants British citizens in Spain to able to continue voting in local elections after Brexit, El País reported on Wednesday, citing unnamed senior sources within the party. "We are going to ask... (Read full story).

The PSOE Has No Confidence In Itself

EDITORIAL: Spanish political leaders do not normally resign or submit themselves to involuntary media inspection of their activities; not in the way a British or American politician might decide some issue has a moral aspect and a th... (Read full story).

Speaker Puts Forward Jailed Former ANC Boss Jordi Sánchez As New Candidate For Catalan First Minister

NEWS: The Speaker of the Catalan Parliament, Roger Torrent, has formally put forward the former chairman of the Catalan National Assembly, Jordi Sánchez, as the new candidate for First Minister of Catalonia, following the withdr... (Read full story).

New Rajoy Tongue Twister Confounds Spaniards

NEWS: Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy coined another of his occasional—and much anticipated—tongue twisters on Monday morning while attempting to talk about regional financing during a speech in Badajoz (Extremadura). "I... (Read full story).

PSOE Demands Rajoy Table Motion Of No Confidence In Himself If He Fails To Pass A Budget On March 23

NEWS: The Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) has demanded Mariano Rajoy submit to a motion of no confidence in Congress if the Prime Minister does not succeed in passing a budget on March 23, PSOE leader Pedro Sánchez announced on M... (Read full story).

New Poll Places Ciudadanos First, PP Third

NEWS: A new [IMOP poll][1] in El Confidencial places Ciudadanos first on 28.5% of the vote, the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) second on 21.5%, the Popular Party (PP) third on 21.4% and Podemos fourth on 17.0%. El Confidencia... (Read full story).

Puigdemont Gives Up On Reappointment In Catalonia, Says He Wants To Head Republic From Belgium

NEWS: In a video message uploaded to YouTube on Thursday evening, Carles Puigdemont announced from Belgium that he was no longer seeking reappointment as First Minister of Catalonia, for now, and that he wanted his number two, f... (Read full story).

Will Rajoy Call An Early General Election In Spain?

EDITORIAL: On Wednesday, the leader of the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE), Pedro Sánchez, described the current parliament as "dead" or "stillborn". A former socialist minister under Mr. Zapatero has tweeted this week that Mr. Rajoy ... (Read full story).

PSOE Leader Says Current Parliament "Dead", Calls For Early General Election If Rajoy Cannot Pass Budget

NEWS: The leader of the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE), Pedro Sánchez, has said the Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy (PP), should call an early general election if he is not able to get a new budget through parliament, where there ... (Read full story).

The Royal Glare

EDITORIAL: The moral clash between Catalan separatists and the Spanish state continues. The new Speaker of the Catalan Parliament, Roger Torrent (ERC, Esquerra) used a speech before senior prosecutors and judges in the region on Frid... (Read full story).

Tensions Between King And Separatists Apparent At Opening Of Mobile World Congress In Barcelona

NEWS: Tensions between Catalan separatists and the King have again been apparent on the occasion of the opening of the 2018 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. A photo of the official dinner on Sunday evening, reprinted on se... (Read full story).

On Freedom Of Speech In Spain

EDITORIAL: Freedom of speech is being questioned, again, in Spain this week, following three decisions. First, the Supreme Court confirmed a National High Court sentence awarded last February to a rapper known as Valtonyc, for glorif... (Read full story).

Basque Police Officer Dies During Rioting Between Spartak Moscow And Athletic de Bilbao Fans In Bilbao

NEWS: A Basque Police officer has died while policing a riot between Spartak Moscow and Athletic de Bilbao fans in the area around the San Mamés stadium in Bilbao on Thursday evening. Spain's Home Secretary, Juan Ignacio Zoid... (Read full story).

Spanish Progressives Denounce Authoritarian Attack On Freedom Of Speech As Rap Singer Sentenced To Jail

REACTIONS: Reactions to the Supreme Court ruling [confirming][1] a 3.5 year jail sentence for a Spanish rap singer, José Miguel Arenas Beltrán, known by the state name of "Valtonyc", on charges of glorification of terrorism and sland... (Read full story).

Supreme Court Rejects Rapper's Appeal Against 3.5 Year Jail Term For Terrorism And Slander Charges

NEWS: On Wednesday, Spain's Supreme Court confirmed a sentence handed down by the National High Court in Madrid last February to a rap artist, José Miguel Arenas Beltrán, known by the state name of "Valtonyc", for a total of thr... (Read full story).

Anna Gabriel's New Haircut

EDITORIAL: A woman may, of course, change her appearance whenever she chooses and for whichever reasons she deems desirable. Beauty is boundless and lies, as the saying goes, in the eyes of its many beholders. But when a politician c... (Read full story).

Supreme Court Orders Arrest Of Anna Gabriel

NEWS: Spain's Supreme Court ordered the arrest of former CUP spokeswoman Anna Gabriel on Wednesday, after she failed to appear before an investigating judge in Madrid to answer accusations of rebellion, sedition and the misuse o... (Read full story).

From Switzerland, Former Separatist Leader Gabriel Says She Will Not Return To Supreme Court In Madrid

NEWS: The former spokeswoman for Catalonia's radical-left pro-separatist Popular Unity Candidacy (CUP), Anna Gabriel, has told Swiss newspaper [Le Temps][1] (French) that she will not be appearing before the Supreme Court in Mad... (Read full story).

2018 Polls Show 3-Way Struggle For Minority Lead

NEWS: Opinion polls published since January 1 in Spain show three parties in the lead group, alternately vying for first place between 20% and 30%. The latest survey, published by Invymark and La Sexta on Sunday evening, awar... (Read full story).

Pop Star Invents New Words For Spain's Wordless National Anthem And Is Praised By Political Right

NEWS: Well-known pop star Marta Sánchez has invented, and sung, a new version of Spain's national anthem, the Marcha Real ("Royal March"), a military march whose music dates from the eighteenth century. Ms. Sánchez sung her n... (Read full story).

Former Catalan Separatist MP With Supreme Court Date This Week Is In Switzerland, El Periódico Reports

NEWS: Anna Gabriel, a former regional MP in Catalonia for the radical-let pro-separatist Popular Unity Candidacy (CUP), who acted as the party's spokeswoman during the months of the Catalan independence crisis last year, is in ... (Read full story).

Spanish Government To Guarantee Parents Choice About Schooling Language For Children In Catalonia

NEWS: The central government will ensure the rights of parents to choose for their children to be taught in Spanish [as well as Catalan] according to the law, government spokesman Iñigo Méndez de Vigo said at a post-cabinet pres... (Read full story).

European Parliament Prefers Irish Candidate Lane To Spain's De Guindos For ECB Vice Presidency

NEWS: The European Parliament issued a statement by Roberto Gualtieri, the Chair of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs, regarding the candidacy of Ireland's Philip Lane and Spain's Luis De Guindos for the post of Eur... (Read full story).

Spain To Announce New Measures In Catalonia As Regional Government Crisis Continues, El País Reports

NEWS: Mariano Rajoy's central government is preparing to implement a new round of measures in Catalonia because the Prime Minister's plan to have a new regional executive installed this winter has failed, El País reported on Thu... (Read full story).

Former Radical Separatist MP Tells Supreme Court Catalan Declaration Of Independence Was For Real

NEWS: Mireia Boya, a former regional member of parliament in Catalonia for the radical-left separatist party CUP (Popular Unity Candidacy), has told the Supreme Court in Madrid that October's declaration of independence from Spa... (Read full story).

Poll Shows 10-Seat Gain For PSOE And PP Holding Minority Lead As Podemos Places Fourth, Again

NEWS: A new new [Celeste-Tel poll for El Diario][1] suggests the Popular Party is still in the lead in Spanish politics, with 28.9% of the vote and a forecast of 118-123 seats in Congress. El Diario reported, however, that th... (Read full story).

BBVA Says Catalan Crisis To Cost 35,000 Jobs And Terror Attacks Led To A 2% Reduction In Bookings

NEWS: BBVA Research, in a new analysis of the Catalan economy published this week, has forecast a 0.7 point hit on regional GDP for 2018, and a further drop of 0.3 percentage points in 2019, "which will mean 35 thousand fewer jo... (Read full story).

Spain Needs Real Electoral Reform, Not Party Politics

EDITORIAL: Podemos [wants to reform Spain's electoral system][p] to give the vote to 16-year olds, to try to force 50-50 male-female "zip" electoral lists to ensure gender parity at the ballot box, and to oblige candidates to take pa... (Read full story).

The Podemos Electoral Reform Proposal

THE BIG PICTURE: **What does Podemos want?** - To reduce the voting age to 16; - To change the variety of proportional representation used in Spanish elections; - For 50% of candidates to be women; - To make already closed electoral ... (Read full story).

Ciudadanos Threatens PSOE Too, Says El País Poll

NEWS: A new Metroscopia poll for El País, published on Sunday evening, suggests the flight of 900,000 votes from the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) to Ciudadanos, some 18% of total PSOE voters at the general election in 2016. ... (Read full story).

Poll Duel Continues Between Ciudadanos And PP As Podemos Proposes Electoral Reform

NEWS: Polls published this week showed Spain's centre-right liberal party Ciudadanos, led by Albert Rivera, in a battle with the governing conservative Popular Party (PP), led by Mariano Rajoy, for first place in Spanish politic... (Read full story).

In Signal Messages, Puigdemont Admits Catalan Republic Is Over, Spanish Government Is Winning

NEWS: In a series of four mobile phone messages sent to the former regional health minister Toni Comín last night in Belgium, Carles Puigdemont admits the Catalan Republic is over and that the Spanish government's plan is workin... (Read full story).

Speaker Of Catalan Parliament Delays Confidence Debate In Carles Puigdemont

NEWS: The Speaker of the Catalan Parliament, Roger Torrent (ERC, Esquerra) announced on Tuesday morning that he was delaying the confidence debate to reappoint Carles Puigdemont First Minister of Catalonia. The debate had bee... (Read full story).

Catalan Separatists Jailed In Madrid May Not Attend Confidence Debate Tomorrow, Supreme Court Rules

NEWS: The Supreme Court judge investigating nearly two dozen Catalan separatists for rebellion, sedition and the misuse of public funds has rejected a request from three men to be able to attend the confidence debate in the Cata... (Read full story).

Puigdemont Asks Catalan Parliament For Protection

NEWS: Carles Puigdemont has sent a letter to the new Speaker of the Catalan Parliament, Roger Torrent, asking for legal protection as an elected representative of the regional chamber. A copy of the letter published by Catala... (Read full story).

Prime Minister Contacted Members Of Constitutional Court Before Puigdemont Decision, El País Reports

NEWS: Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and several of his ministers personally made contact with justices on the Constitutional Court before the court issued an extraordinary decision on Saturday regarding the possibility of... (Read full story).

Constitutional Court Rules Puigdemont May Not Appear By Skype At Confidence Debate In Catalonia

NEWS: Spain's Constitutional Court issued an extraordinary preliminary ruling late on Saturday evening that forbids Carles Puigdemont from participating via Skype in a confidence debate in the Catalan Parliament, scheduled for T... (Read full story).

Radical Left Catalan Separatist Youth Group Claims Anti-Nazi Crusade As Excuse For Attack At Newspaper

NEWS: Arran, the most prominent radical-left Catalan separatist youth organisation, has claimed responsibility for the vandalism at a Catalan newspaper, Crónica Global, that took place in the early hours of Thursday morning. ... (Read full story).

Catalan Parliament Calls Confidence Debate In Puigdemont For Tuesday At 3 P.M.

NEWS: The new Speaker of the Catalan Parliament, Roger Torrent (Esquerra, ERC), has called a confidence debate in Carles Puigdemont as candidate to be reappointed as First Minister of Catalonia. The debate has been scheduled ... (Read full story).

Rajoy To Launch Legal Challenge To Stop Puigdemont Confidence Debate In Catalan Parliament

NEWS: The Spanish government is to seek legal advice to challenge the re-appointment of Carles Puigdemont as First Minister of Catalonia via Skype or proxy vote, the Deputy Prime Minister, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, announced o... (Read full story).

Spain Watching Borders In Case Puigdemont Comes Back In The Boot Of A Car, Says Home Secretary

NEWS: "Justice will be done with Carles Puigdemont", Spain's Home Secretary, Juan Ignacio Zoido, said during a TV interview on Antena 3 on Tuesday morning, adding that the former First Minister had "fled" from the courts. "He... (Read full story).

Rajoy Arrives Late After Slow High-Speed Train Breaks Down For 30 Minutes On Long-Delayed Route

NEWS: As Carles Puigdemont prepared for his debate at the University of Copenhagen on Monday, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy was stuck on a new high-speed train somewhere between Madrid and Castellón (Valencia). Mr. Raj... (Read full story).

New Speaker Of Catalan Parliament Says Puigdemont Only Candidate To Become New First Minister

NEWS: The new Speaker of the Catalan Parliament, 38-year old Roger Torrent (ERC, Esquerra), announced on Monday morning that Carles Puigdemont was "the only candidate" he was putting forward to become the new First Minister of C... (Read full story).

Catalan Police Tried To Destroy Barcelona Terror Attack Warning Before Independence, Paper Reports

NEWS: The Catalan Police (Mossos) attempted to destroy a copy of a terror attack warning sent by US intelligence services at the end of May, weeks before terrorists attacked Barcelona and Cambrils, El Periódico reported on Sunda... (Read full story).

Puigdemont Flies To Copenhagen

NEWS: Carles Puigdemont, the former First Minister of Catalonia who fled to self-imposed exile in Brussels after declaring independence from Spain at the end of October, took a Ryanair flight to Copenhagen on Monday morning. ... (Read full story).

Separatist MP Roger Torrent (ERC) Elected New Speaker Of Catalan Parliament

NEWS: 38-year old Roger Torrent (Republican Catalan Left, ERC) has been elected as the new Speaker of the Catalan Parliament, obtaining a simple majority in a second-round vote in the chamber on Wednesday. Neither Mr. Torrent... (Read full story).

Catalan Parliament To Reopen At 11 AM And Must Decide On Proxy Votes On Behalf Of Absent Separatists

NEWS: The first constituent session of the new Catalan Parliament will being at 11 a.m. Spanish time on Wednesday. The oldest MP present chairs the first session, aided by the youngest two and after a call of the roll the cha... (Read full story).

Pablo Iglesias Reappears To Announce He Is "Bored" By Puigdemont And That Podemos Is Not In Trouble

NEWS: "I think people are a bit tired of these matters", Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias said on Tuesday night during a TV interview, referring to the question of Catalan independence. He himself, he said, was "a bit bored" by ... (Read full story).

Supreme Court Denies Oriol Junqueras Permission To Attend New Catalan Parliament

NEWS: Supreme Court judge Pablo Llarena has ruled the former Deputy First Minister of Catalonia, Oriol Junqueras, must remain physically in prison on remand and may not be allowed out to attend sessions of the new Catalan Parlia... (Read full story).

Constitutional Court To Consider Podemos Motion Against Rajoy's Suspension Of Home Rule In Catalonia

NEWS: Spain's Constitutional Court announced on Wednesday that it would consider a motion filed by Podemos against Mariano Rajoy's decision to suspend home rule in Catalonia. At the end of October, Mr. Rajoy (PP) announced he... (Read full story).

PSOE Proposes 8% "Social Justice" Tax On Banks

NEWS: The Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) has proposed a new plan to rescue Spain's faltering pensions system that it would fund via what would amount to an 8% corporation tax increase on banks. PSOE leader Pedro Sánchez annou... (Read full story).

Artur Mas Resigns As Chairman Of Catalan Separatist Party PDeCat, Citing Ongoing Legal Battles

NEWS: Former Catalan First Minister Artur Mas has announced his resignation as the chairman of the Catalan separatist party PDeCat. "My decision is to resign as chairman of the PDeCat", he said during a press conference, addi... (Read full story).

Spaniards Less Worried About Catalan Independence In December But National Angst Not Over Yet

NEWS: New data published by Spain's Sociological Research Centre (CIS) on Tuesday shows Spaniards were eight points less worried about the independence of Catalonia in December (16.7) than they were in November (24.6). The si... (Read full story).

Another Poll Shows Falls For PP And Podemos, Gains For Ciudadanos And PSOE

NEWS: A new [Celeste-Tell poll][cel] for El Diario on Tuesday showed Ciudadanos and the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) gaining ground, and the Popular Party (PP) and Podemos losing MPs in Spain's 350-seat lower house of parliame... (Read full story).

PSOE Demands Government Sack Snow Traffic Boss

NEWS: The Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) has said the Home Secretary, Juan Ignacio Zoido, should sack Spain's traffic management boss, Gregorio Serrano, for the "atrocious mismanagement" of this weekend's snow chaos north-west o... (Read full story).

New Poll Suggests 54 Seat Gain For Ciudadanos, General Election Meltdown For PP And Podemos

NEWS: A new [Sociométrica poll for El Español][poll] at the weekend suggested a drop of 40 seats for the governing Popular Party at a new general election. Mariano Rajoy's party currently holds 137 seats in Congress, but the new... (Read full story).

Supreme Court Rules Former Catalan Deputy First Minister Must Remain In Prison On Remand

NEWS: Spain's Supreme Court has rejected an appeal by former Catalan Deputy First Minister Oriol Junqueras (ERC, Esquerra) and ruled he must remain in prison on remand, the court confirmed on Friday morning. Three senior jud... (Read full story).

Supreme Court Broadens Catalan Rebellion Investigation To Include Artur Mas And Five Others

NEWS: Supreme Court judge Pablo Llarena has decided to broaden the probe into the process that led to a declaration of independence in Catalonia on October 27 and include former First Minister Artur Mas and five others in his in... (Read full story).

Separatists Hold On To Majority In Catalan Election

NEWS: The three Catalan separatist parties—Junts per Catalunya (previously PDeCat, previously CiU), Republican Catalan Left (Esquerra, ERC) and the CUP—held on to their small majority, as a block, in the regional parliament at t... (Read full story).

Catalan Election Taking Place Without Incident

NEWS: Voting is underway in the regional elections in Catalonia this Thursday, in a ballot called by Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy at the end of October after he sacked the previous regional government, led by Carles Puig... (Read full story).

Supreme Court Judge Withdraws European Arrest Warrant Against Carles Puigdemont And Four Others

NEWS: Supreme Court judge Pablo Llarena issued a ruling on Tuesday morning ordering the withdrawal of the European Arrest Warrants against the former Catalan First Minister, Carles Puigdemont, and four other former regional mini... (Read full story).

Supreme Court Jails Forcadell, Speaker Of Catalan Parliament, On Remand Until She Pays €150,000 Bail

NEWS: A judge at the Supreme Court in Madrid set bail of €150,000 for the Speaker of the Catalan Parliament, Carme Forcadell (Esquerra, ERC) on Thursday, the court confirmed at 10:30 p.m., after a series of individual hearings t... (Read full story).

150,000 Rail Passengers Affected During Day Of Protests Catalan Separatists Label A "Resounding Success"

NEWS: Separatist protestors caused chaos on Catalonia's roads and rail systems again on Wednesday, as thousands of demonstrators blocked roads and motorways throughout the day across the region, and invaded train tracks. Span... (Read full story).

31 Cars & 21 Bins Torched In Two Catalan Towns Overnight

NEWS: 31 cars and 21 large public bins were set alight in the early hours of Tuesday morning in Sabadell (population 207,000) and Blanes (39,000), the Catalan Fire Service confirmed to The Spain Report. Five incidents were re... (Read full story).

A Risk For Rajoy And An Opportunity For Separatists

EDITORIAL: Of three courts which have now heard from the former First Minister of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, and his former regional ministers, or from Speaker Carme Forcadell and the former members of her Speaker's Committee in s... (Read full story).

Puigdemont And Four Former Regional Ministers Now Detained In Brussels Pending Hearing Before Duty Judge

NEWS: Carles Puigdemont and the four former regional ministers with him in Brussels have now been detained for 24 hours while they wait for a preliminary European Arrest Warrant hearing before the duty judge, a spokesman for the... (Read full story).

Judge Issues European And International Arrest Warrants For Puigdemont, And Orders Him Jailed On Remand

NEWS: Judge Carmen Lamela issued European and international arrest warrants for Carles Puigdemont and four other former Catalan regional ministers on Friday evening, and ordered them to be imprisoned on remand without bail, the ... (Read full story).

Judge Jails Nine Former Catalan Regional Ministers, Prosecutor Asks For Warrant To Arrest Puigdemont

NEWS: The Public Prosecutor's Office has asked the investigating judge at the National High Court in Madrid to jail eight former Catalan regional ministers on remand, court reporters tweeted. The eight and their former region... (Read full story).

Puigdemont Disobeys Court By Staying In Brussels

NEWS: 15 of the 20 former Catalan leaders accused of rebellion, sedition and misuse of public funds—including the former Deputy First Minister, Oriol Junqueras (Esquerra, ERC)—showed up at the National High Court or Supreme Cour... (Read full story).

Statement From "Legitimate Catalan Government" Says Puigdemont Will Not Appear In Court In Madrid Tomorrow

NEWS: Catalan public television, TV3, published extracts from a statement from the "legitimate government of Catalonia" in Brussels on Wednesday evening that denounced the accusations presented against Carles Puigdemont and 13 o... (Read full story).

Puigdemont Still In Brussels After Judge Orders Him And 13 Former Regional Ministers To Court On Thursday Morning

NEWS: The National High Court in Madrid and the Supreme Court have both agreed to investigate the Public Prosecutor's accusations of rebellion, sedition and misuse of public funds against the former First Minister of Catalonia... (Read full story).

In Brussels, Puigdemont Says He Is Legitimate President Of Catalonia And Not Seeking Asylum In Belgium

NEWS: In a rambling press conference in four languages that started half-an-hour late, the former First Minister of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont told reporters that he was the legitimate president of Catalonia and that he was no... (Read full story).

Catalan Separatist Parties Move To Accept New Regional Elections Within Constitution, Despite "New Republic"

NEWS: Separatist parties that took part in the independence vote on Friday in the Catalan parliament and celebrated the new Catalan Republic now mostly appear ready to accept the normal regional elections called by Spanish Prime... (Read full story).

Public Prosecutor Accuses Former Catalan Government Of Rebellion, Sedition And Misuse Of Public Funds

NEWS: The Director of Public Prosecutions, José Manuel Maza, made a brief public statement on Monday morning to announce his office is filing accusations against the former Catalan government and the Speaker's Committee of the C... (Read full story).

Pablo Iglesias Orders Take Over Of Podemos Catalonia After Anticapitalist Sector Recognises Catalan Republic

NEWS: Podemos has decided to take control of its Catalan branch, Podem, and order a regional grassroots ballot to decide the party's position in the upcoming regional elections, called by Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy usi... (Read full story).

Puigdemont Has Not Given Up: Appears In Pre-Recorded Message To Say Catalans Must Keep Building Republic

NEWS: Carles Puigdemont—[officially sacked][1] as First Minister of Catalonia in the early hours of Saturday morning—appeared in a pre-recorded video message on Catalan public television, TV3, at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday. He ann... (Read full story).

Catalan Government Ceases To Exist As Rajoy Publishes Long List Of Dismissals & Closure Of Catalan "Embassies"

NEWS: Until the new regional elections have taken place, there is now no Catalan government. Its functions have all been assumed by Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría and other... (Read full story).

Home Secretary Sacks Catalan Police Chief Trapero

NEWS: The Home Secretary, Juan Ignacio Zoido, has used Article 155 powers to sack Catalan Police (Mosso) chief Josep Lluis Trapero. The decision was published in Spain's official gazette (BOE) in the early hours of Saturday m... (Read full story).

Rajoy Sacks Entire Catalan Government, Dissolves Catalan Parliament And Calls Elections For December 21

NEWS: The Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, made a statement on Friday evening regarding the central government's response to Catalonia's declaration of independence earlier in the day. Mr. Rajoy said the central governm... (Read full story).

Catalonia Declares Independence From Spain

NEWS: The Catalan Parliament voted to declare independence from Spain on Friday afternoon, with 70 votes in favour, 10 against and 2 blank, in a 135-member chamber. The Speaker, Carme Forcadell, read out part of the resolutio... (Read full story).

Separatist Parties Register Motion To Declare Independence Of Catalonia In Regional Parliament

NEWS: Catalan separatist parties—Junts Pel Sí ("Together For Yes") and the CUP (Popular Unity Candidacy)—have registered a motion to declare the independence of Catalonia in the regional parliament. A copy of the document pub... (Read full story).

Dovish Catalan Business & Knowledge Minister Santi Vila Resigns, Signalling Further Shift Towards Independence

NEWS: Catalonia's dovish regional business and knowledge minister, Santi Vila, announced on Twitter on Thursday night that he had resigned. "My attempts at dialogue have failed once more", said Mr. Vila: "I hope to have been ... (Read full story).

King Felipe Cancels Attendance At Awards Dinner To Stay In Palace Due To Unfolding Situation In Catalonia

NEWS: King Felipe has decided to remain "in his office" at Zarzuela Palace due to the unfolding situation in Catalonia, instead of attending an awards ceremony and dinner this evening, a spokesman for the palace confirmed to The... (Read full story).

Declaration Of Independence Imminent In Catalonia

EDITORIAL: On Thursday morning, a burst of expectation ran across Spain—and disappointment and anger across the faces and Twitter feeds of Catalan separatists—after news broke that Carles Puigdemont was about to throw in the towel an... (Read full story).

Puigdemont Rejects Elections

NEWS: **Editorial:** [Declaration of independence imminent][ed] The First Minister of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, has rejected calling early regional elections within the limits of the Spanish Constitution: "My duty was to ... (Read full story).

Catalonia Presents Last-Minute Allegations Before Senate As Guindos Says Elections Will Not Now Stop Article 155

NEWS: Another marathon meeting for the Catalan government ended inconclusively after seven hours at regional government headquarters at around 2 a.m. on Thursday morning. Another meeting has been called for 10 a.m. Following ... (Read full story).

Spanish Defence Minister Cospedal Warns "Not A Time For Doubts Or Sitting On The Fence" In Catalonia

NEWS: Spanish Defence Minister María Dolores de Cospedal said on Wednesday that it was now time to "defend" the Spanish Constitution, "which we have built together over the past 40 years", according to an MoD press statement. ... (Read full story).

Junqueras Tells AP Only Option Is To Proclaim Republic

NEWS: Catalan Deputy First Minister Oriol Junqueras (Esquerra, ERC) told the Associated Press on Wednesday evening that the Spanish government had left Catalonia “no other option” but to proclaim a new republic. Mr. Junqueras... (Read full story).

Puigdemont Now Decides NOT To Appear Before Senate, Catalan Parliament Session Shifted To Thursday Evening

NEWS: The First Minister of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, will now *not* travel to Madrid on Thursday evening to appear before the Senate, according to the Speaker of the Catalan Parliament, Carme Forcadell. Two regional parl... (Read full story).

Options For Deactivating Article 155 For Catalonia Before Saturday Now Few, Says Spanish Prime Minister's Office

NEWS: Spain is racing towards its first ever use of Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution, to suspend home rule in Catalonia. On Thursday, the Catalan Parliament will hold a session to debate the regional chamber's response... (Read full story).

Several Courts In Catalonia Are Now Investigating Police Actions On October 1 After Receiving Complaints

NEWS: Several formal complaints have been made against all three different police forces that acted in Catalonia on October 1, in courts across the region, the High Court in Catalonia confirmed to The Spain Report on Tuesday. ... (Read full story).

In UK, Catalan Separatists Would Likely Be Probed For Riot And False Imprisonment, Not "Sedition"

COMPARISON: The word "sedition" brings to mind mutiny, treason and treachery, preferably against a monarch. In the 1992 film Last of the Mohicans, for example, one character, Colonel Munro, expresses his anger at the suggestion of som... (Read full story).

Puigdemont Does Not Declare Independence Of Catalonia, Announces Debate On "Liquidation Of Our Self-Government"

NEWS: The First Minister of Catalonia did not declare the independence of Catalonia immediately on Saturday night, after the Spanish Prime Minister announced he would seek Senate approval to sack the entire regional government e... (Read full story).

Speaker Of Catalan Parliament Blasts Rajoy's "Flagrant Unconstitutionality" And Vows To Defend Chamber

NEWS: The Speaker of the Catalan Parliament, Carme Forcadell, said in a "solemn" statement shortly before 8 p.m. on Saturday evening that separatists would not take "one step backwards" after Mariano Rajoy announced earlier in t... (Read full story).

Spanish Politics Split Between Defence Of Constitution & Coup Against Catalonia After Article 155 Announced

REACTIONS: **Pedro Sánchez** (PSOE) said the Spanish Socialist Party had chosen to "defend the Constitution": "Who is going to pay for this break up that separatism is causing in Catalonia? It is certainly not going to be the secessi... (Read full story).
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