Hate Speech In Spain

In Xenophobic Article, New Catalan First Minister Dehumanised Spaniards As Beasts With Defective DNA

DEEP SPAIN: In 2012, Quim Torra (Together For Catalonia JxC, Junts), appointed on Monday as the new First Minister of Catalonia by a simple majority vote, wrote an article for [El Món][1] in which he described Spaniards variously as "... (Read full story).

On Freedom Of Speech In Spain

EDITORIAL: Freedom of speech is being questioned, again, in Spain this week, following three decisions. First, the Supreme Court confirmed a National High Court sentence awarded last February to a rapper known as Valtonyc, for glorif... (Read full story).

Spanish Progressives Denounce Authoritarian Attack On Freedom Of Speech As Rap Singer Sentenced To Jail

REACTIONS: Reactions to the Supreme Court ruling [confirming][1] a 3.5 year jail sentence for a Spanish rap singer, José Miguel Arenas Beltrán, known by the state name of "Valtonyc", on charges of glorification of terrorism and sland... (Read full story).

Supreme Court Rejects Rapper's Appeal Against 3.5 Year Jail Term For Terrorism And Slander Charges

NEWS: On Wednesday, Spain's Supreme Court confirmed a sentence handed down by the National High Court in Madrid last February to a rap artist, José Miguel Arenas Beltrán, known by the state name of "Valtonyc", for a total of thr... (Read full story).

Black Spanish Journalist Denounces Death Threats After Tweeting Photo Of Spanish Legionnaires & Spanish Flag

NEWS: "Obviously it is because of the colour of my skin and for calling out racism", El Diario journalist Moha Gerehou told The Spain Report: "there are people who just don't get that Spain is more and more diverse". On Septe... (Read full story).

Judge Jails Puppet Masters For Glorifying Terrorism And Inciting Hatred At Kiddies Play In Madrid

NEWS: In an 8-page ruling, Judge Ismael Moreno Chamarro at the duty investigating court in Madrid ordered two puppet masters arrested on Friday to prison on remand, without bail, on charges of glorifying terrorism and inciting h... (Read full story).

Madrid Sacks Carnaval Managers After Infants Puppet Show Depicts Murder, Rape & Hanging

NEWS: Madrid City Hall's culture councillor, Celia Mayer, announced on Saturday that she will sack carnaval programme managers in the Spanish capital "immediately" after they hired a theatre company for an infant puppet show in ... (Read full story).
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