Podemos & The Alternative Left

It's not just Podemos. Several left-wing parties and groups have sprung up across Spain and entered local and regional government.

Podemos Members Back Luxury Home For Pablo Iglesias

NEWS: Podemos grassroots members have voted in favour of party leader Pablo Iglesias and his partner, parliamentary spokeswoman Irene Montero, continuing in their posts and holding on to their seats as MPs. Mr. Iglesias and M... (Read full story).

Sudden Chaos In Spanish Politics

EDITORIAL: PSOE leader Pedro Sánchez really wants to be Prime Minister. The Socialist Party has been mostly flat in the polls for months, slowly trending down from 23% at the beginning of the year to 19% in the Metroscopia poll in El... (Read full story).

Pablo Iglesias Announces Shock Podemos Leadership Vote In Response To €600,000 Luxury Home Scandal

NEWS: Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias announced on Saturday evening that he was putting his leadership and seat as an MP in Congress to a grassroots vote in response to a political scandal surrounding his purchase of a €660,000 lu... (Read full story).

Radical Left Separatists To Allow New Catalan Government And Budget For Mariano Rajoy

NEWS: Despite the [defiant, anti-Spanish rhetoric][1], Catalan separatists will once again take power in the region—under the Spanish Constitution—after the radical-left separatist Popular Unity Candidacy (CUP), which holds the ... (Read full story).

European Parliament To Debate Definition Of Rape After Controversial Wolf-Pack Judgement In Spain

NEWS: Podemos MEP Tania González announced on Wednesday morning that the European Parliament had voted to amend the order of the day today and debate the definition of rape in member states after the controversial wolf-pack non-... (Read full story).

2018 Polls Show Spaniards Open To Centrist Change

NEWS: The first quarter of 2018 ended with a three-way tie for first place in Spanish politics, with Podemos lagging fourth in all 25 polls published during the first three months of the year. April's first poll (Sociométrica... (Read full story).

Spain Polls Suggest Ciudadanos Will Move Above 30%

NEWS: Nearly three months after the start of the year, opinion polls in Spain continue to show a four-way split between the leading parties, with Podemos placed fourth in all of them, but suggest Albert Rivera's centre-right lib... (Read full story).

New Poll Places Ciudadanos First, PP Third

NEWS: A new [IMOP poll][1] in El Confidencial places Ciudadanos first on 28.5% of the vote, the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) second on 21.5%, the Popular Party (PP) third on 21.4% and Podemos fourth on 17.0%. El Confidencia... (Read full story).

Will Rajoy Call An Early General Election In Spain?

EDITORIAL: On Wednesday, the leader of the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE), Pedro Sánchez, described the current parliament as "dead" or "stillborn". A former socialist minister under Mr. Zapatero has tweeted this week that Mr. Rajoy ... (Read full story).

PSOE Leader Says Current Parliament "Dead", Calls For Early General Election If Rajoy Cannot Pass Budget

NEWS: The leader of the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE), Pedro Sánchez, has said the Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy (PP), should call an early general election if he is not able to get a new budget through parliament, where there ... (Read full story).

Anna Gabriel's New Haircut

EDITORIAL: A woman may, of course, change her appearance whenever she chooses and for whichever reasons she deems desirable. Beauty is boundless and lies, as the saying goes, in the eyes of its many beholders. But when a politician c... (Read full story).

2018 Polls Show 3-Way Struggle For Minority Lead

NEWS: Opinion polls published since January 1 in Spain show three parties in the lead group, alternately vying for first place between 20% and 30%. The latest survey, published by Invymark and La Sexta on Sunday evening, awar... (Read full story).

Poll Shows 10-Seat Gain For PSOE And PP Holding Minority Lead As Podemos Places Fourth, Again

NEWS: A new new [Celeste-Tel poll for El Diario][1] suggests the Popular Party is still in the lead in Spanish politics, with 28.9% of the vote and a forecast of 118-123 seats in Congress. El Diario reported, however, that th... (Read full story).

Spain Needs Real Electoral Reform, Not Party Politics

EDITORIAL: Podemos [wants to reform Spain's electoral system][p] to give the vote to 16-year olds, to try to force 50-50 male-female "zip" electoral lists to ensure gender parity at the ballot box, and to oblige candidates to take pa... (Read full story).

The Podemos Electoral Reform Proposal

THE BIG PICTURE: **What does Podemos want?** - To reduce the voting age to 16; - To change the variety of proportional representation used in Spanish elections; - For 50% of candidates to be women; - To make already closed electoral ... (Read full story).

Ciudadanos Threatens PSOE Too, Says El País Poll

NEWS: A new Metroscopia poll for El País, published on Sunday evening, suggests the flight of 900,000 votes from the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) to Ciudadanos, some 18% of total PSOE voters at the general election in 2016. ... (Read full story).

Poll Duel Continues Between Ciudadanos And PP As Podemos Proposes Electoral Reform

NEWS: Polls published this week showed Spain's centre-right liberal party Ciudadanos, led by Albert Rivera, in a battle with the governing conservative Popular Party (PP), led by Mariano Rajoy, for first place in Spanish politic... (Read full story).

Catalan Parliament To Reopen At 11 AM And Must Decide On Proxy Votes On Behalf Of Absent Separatists

NEWS: The first constituent session of the new Catalan Parliament will being at 11 a.m. Spanish time on Wednesday. The oldest MP present chairs the first session, aided by the youngest two and after a call of the roll the cha... (Read full story).

Pablo Iglesias Reappears To Announce He Is "Bored" By Puigdemont And That Podemos Is Not In Trouble

NEWS: "I think people are a bit tired of these matters", Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias said on Tuesday night during a TV interview, referring to the question of Catalan independence. He himself, he said, was "a bit bored" by ... (Read full story).

Constitutional Court To Consider Podemos Motion Against Rajoy's Suspension Of Home Rule In Catalonia

NEWS: Spain's Constitutional Court announced on Wednesday that it would consider a motion filed by Podemos against Mariano Rajoy's decision to suspend home rule in Catalonia. At the end of October, Mr. Rajoy (PP) announced he... (Read full story).

Another Poll Shows Falls For PP And Podemos, Gains For Ciudadanos And PSOE

NEWS: A new [Celeste-Tell poll][cel] for El Diario on Tuesday showed Ciudadanos and the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) gaining ground, and the Popular Party (PP) and Podemos losing MPs in Spain's 350-seat lower house of parliame... (Read full story).

New Poll Suggests 54 Seat Gain For Ciudadanos, General Election Meltdown For PP And Podemos

NEWS: A new [Sociométrica poll for El Español][poll] at the weekend suggested a drop of 40 seats for the governing Popular Party at a new general election. Mariano Rajoy's party currently holds 137 seats in Congress, but the new... (Read full story).

PSOE And Podemos Demand Recall Of Parliament To Question Rajoy On Corruption Charges

NEWS: The Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) and Podemos have signed a joint petition to parliament demanding the house be recalled from its summer break to discuss the Prime Minister's role in the allegedly fraudulent management of... (Read full story).

Podemos To Enter Regional Coalition With Spanish Socialist Party In Castilla La Mancha

NEWS: The Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) in Castilla La Mancha has invited Podemos to enter into coalition in order to get a budget approved in the regional parliament, the First Minister, Emiliano García-Page, announced on Thur... (Read full story).

In Spanish Senate, Mariano Rajoy Suggests White House Lied About Phone Call With Donald Trump

NEWS: On Tuesday, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy accused the Trump administration of lying about a phone call between the Spanish leader and US President Donal Trump on February 8, according to [the parliamentary transcrip... (Read full story).

Pablo Iglesias Wins Podemos Leadership Race

NEWS: Pablo Iglesias confirmed his hold over Podemos at the party's conference, known as Vistalegre II, on Sunday, beating all comers to both the leadership of the party and its strategic direction via dominance of its Citizens ... (Read full story).

Trouble In Podemos. Could Pablo Iglesias Be Forced Out As Leader By This Time Next Week?

THE BIG PICTURE: **What's going on then?** An existential crisis in Podemos, of sorts. The young protest party has just begun a week-long campaign to choose a new strategic political direction and vote for a leader. Tempers are being lost... (Read full story).

In Defence Of Legal Protest

EDITORIAL: This week in Spain, a lot of media attention has been spent highlighting and debating [a protest][1] at the Autonomous University in Madrid on Wednesday, in which masked students rowdily decried the presence of former Soci... (Read full story).

Podemos Is Right To Return To Revolution

EDITORIAL: Pablo Iglesias is right when he says that Podemos should go back to its more revolutionary roots, even though every time he opens his mouth he gets caught up in "empty signifiers" and academic jargon: "transversality is pu... (Read full story).

PSOE In Turmoil After Regional Election Defeats

NEWS: The Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) was in turmoil on Monday morning after bad results in both the Galician and Basque regional elections on Sunday. From Andalusia, on Sunday evening, the regional TV channel Canal Sur p... (Read full story).

Spanish Left Has A Chance To Do "Syriza 2.0" At General Election, Says British Writer Paul Mason

SUNDAY INTERVIEW: Paul Mason (Leigh, UK, 1960) was until recently the Economics Editor for Britain's Channel 4 News and, prior to that, worked for the BBC's flagship news programme Newsnight as its Business Editor. He left Channel 4 [in Feb... (Read full story).

Spain's Top Policeman Says A "Totalitarian" Podemos Is A "Threat To Spanish Democracy"

NEWS: The Director General of Spain's National Police force, Ignacio Cosidó, said last night during an interview on 13TV that Podemos is a "threat to democracy" in Spain. "We should not be afraid, but we must be very clear wi... (Read full story).

New Allegations Of €7 Million In Venezuelan Funding For Podemos Think Tank CEPS

NEWS: ABC, El Confidencial and Ok Diario published articles on Tuesday alleging Hugo Chávez signed off on nearly $7 million of new funding for the CEPS think tank organisation—in which Podemos leaders including Pablo Iglesias pr... (Read full story).

Pablo Iglesias Ready To Step Back To Allow "Progressive" PSOE-Podemos Coalition Government

NEWS: Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias said on Wednesday morning that he was ready to take a step backwards and not form part of a possible future PSOE-Podemos coalition government, if he were the stumbling block. "If in order t... (Read full story).

Former Chief Of Spanish Defence Staff Says US And Turkey Financed Islamic State

NEWS: The former Chief of the Spanish Defence Staff, General Julio Rodriguez, who ran as a Podemos candidate for Zaragoza (Aragón) at the general election on December 20, gave an interview to [Onda Cero][1] on Monday morning dur... (Read full story).

The New Podemos Plan To Beat The Islamic State

DEEP SPAIN: Podemos announced a new four-point plan filled with "urgent measures" to beat the Islamic State on Wednesday, following Tuesday's terror attacks in Brussels, but seemed to abandon a raft of "harder" anti-terror policy goal... (Read full story).

Convicted ETA Terrorist Arnaldo Otegi Launches Basque Election Campaign On Release From Prison

NEWS: Arnaldo Otegi was released from prison in Logroño (La Rioja) shortly before 9 a.m. on Tuesday morning after serving a six-and-a-half year sentence for belonging to the Basque terrorist group ETA. He was carrying a bag b... (Read full story).

Other Parties Reject PSOE's Last-Minute Attempts To Broaden Deal Before Confidence Vote

NEWS: The Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) sent five different versions of the same document to other left-wing parties on Monday morning, in a last minute push to try to convince some of them to vote in favour of Pedro Sánchez fo... (Read full story).

Big Left Wing Summit

NEWS: PSOE, Podemos, United Left, Compromís (Read full story).

Podemos & PSOE Declare Rajoy "Persona Non Grata" In Vote In His Home Town Of Pontevedra

NEWS: The Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE), En Marea (Podemos in Galicia) and the Galician Nationalist Bloc (BNG) voted on Monday to declare the Spanish Prime Minister "persona non grata" in his home town of Pontevedra. Popular... (Read full story).

Podemos Presents 98-Page Plan For Government, Demands Separatist Referendum In Catalonia

NEWS: Podemos presented its new 98-page plan for coalition government on Monday, demanding a referendum on the question of independence in Catalonia. Pablo Iglesias said during a press conference to present the document at 1 ... (Read full story).

Madrid Sacks Carnaval Managers After Infants Puppet Show Depicts Murder, Rape & Hanging

NEWS: Madrid City Hall's culture councillor, Celia Mayer, announced on Saturday that she will sack carnaval programme managers in the Spanish capital "immediately" after they hired a theatre company for an infant puppet show in ... (Read full story).

Spanish Foreign Secretary Warns Allies PSOE-Podemos Government Might Leave Anti-ISIS Coalition

NEWS: Spain's Foreign Secretary, José Manuel García Margallo, well known for putting his foot in it in delicate political situations, mixed domestic politics and diplomacy on Wednesday, announcing he had warned the nation's alli... (Read full story).

Top Socialist Party Leaders Admit Election Failure & Fear Of Podemos Takeover In Leaked Recordings

NEWS: An unnamed Socialist Party (PSOE) source [leaked internal recordings][1] of Saturday's in Madrid of a meeting of the party's senior leadership during a federal committee to the Cadena SER radio station (PRISA, El País) on ... (Read full story).

Podemos "Chavist-Communists" Using "Coup Manual" To Do "Leninism 3.0", Say Other Parties

NEWS: The level of political rhetoric moved up a few notches on Thursday, the day after King Felipe began his second round of talks with party leaders over the possibilities of attempting to form a new government for Spain, and ... (Read full story).

Another Barrel Full Of Individual Bad Apples

EDITORIAL: There is now a very long list of "isolated" corruption cases affecting the Popular Party. A good few barrel loads of senior-level "individual bad apples" in different areas of the country. Yesterday it was the eastern regi... (Read full story).

Today's PP Spin Attacks On Pablo Iglesias: 13 Quotes Rajoy's Party Is Chucking At Podemos

TRANSLATION: The Spain Report has obtained a copy of the Popular Party's latest spin attacks on Podemos, sent out by PP HQ earlier today for use by senior PP leaders on Tuesday, January 26 in their media apperances. The document, ti... (Read full story).

PSOE Leader Pedro Sánchez Stalls For Time On Podemos Left-Wing Coalition Government Offer

NEWS: Speaking after meeting with King Felipe at midday on Friday, Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) leader Pedro Sánchez stalled for time after Podemos announced an unexpected offer of a new left-wing coalition government for Spai... (Read full story).

Pablo Iglesias Says Podemos Ready To Enter Coalition Government With Spanish Socialist Party

NEWS: Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias said on Friday morning after a meeting with King Felipe that he is ready to work with Pedro Sánchez (PSOE) and Alberto Garzón (United Left) to put together a "progressive government of change"... (Read full story).

The Circus Parliament

EDITORIAL: Starting with the positive, most importantly Spain once more has a fully constituted and functional new parliament and, reflecting the result of the general election, it is no longer a two-party dominated chamber. No one h... (Read full story).

New Spanish Parliament Opened Amid Podemos Baby Debate & Oath Stunts

NEWS: Spain has a fully constituted new parliament two-and-a-half months after the last one was dissolved on October 27 to prepare for December's general election. The former Socialist Party First Minister of The Basque Coun... (Read full story).

Pablo Iglesias Rejects Rajoy Government, Says Podemos To Table Social Emergencies Bill

NEWS: At a press conference in Moncloa following a meeting with Mariano Rajoy, whom Mr. Iglesias repeatedly described as "the PP's candidate"—not 'the Prime Minister—the Podemos leader confirmed, as had been expected, that his p... (Read full story).

A Giant Spanish Election Hangover

EDITORIAL: "A fiesta of democracy", numerous party leaders called it on Sunday as the general election took place, and Spaniards had a blast. A veritable democratic free-for-all. The Popular Party lost 3.7 million votes; the Spanish ... (Read full story).

Reactions To 2015 Spanish General Election Results

REACTIONS: REPORTING: events/facts/data + description + states + smell/taste/touch/sound/sights + intensity + original + no waaaay + locations + timings + resources + Spaniards CONTEXT: significance, environment, surroundings, (infr... (Read full story).

Spain's Alternative Left Launches New Anti-War Platform As Podemos Calls Council Of Peace

NEWS: The alternative left mayors of Barcelona (Ada Colau), Zaragoza (Pedro Santiesteve), Cádiz (Jose María Gonzalez, *Kichi*) and La Coruña (Xulio Ferreiro) signed a manifesto launching a new anti-war movement in Spain on Monda... (Read full story).

Spain's National High Court Orders Investigation Into Zapata Hate Tweets To Be Reopened

NEWS: Spain's National High Court in Madrid has ordered the previously archived criminal investigation into offensive tweets made by Ahora Madrid councillor Guillermo Zapata to be reopened on appeal. The ruling specifically o... (Read full story).

Madrid, Barcelona & Catalonia Announce Plans To Look Into Welcoming Syrian Refugees

NEWS: The new mayors of Madrid and Barcelona, Manuela Carmena and Ada Colau, as well as the Catalan government, have all announced they are looking at ways of welcoming unspecified numbers of Syrian refugees in response to the c... (Read full story).

Pablo Iglesias Says Podemos Out To Win Election, Corbyn "Very Important" For UK Labour Party Race

NEWS: Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias held a press conference on Monday to mark the end of the summer holidays, as Podemos supporters launched a campaign to make #PabloIglesiasToMoncloa the top trending topic on Spanish Twitter, i... (Read full story).

Podemos Issues Statement On Greek Crisis Slamming Troika "Blackmail" And Backing "Exemplary" Tsipras

NEWS: Podemos issued a five-point [statement][1] on the "immense gravity" of the Greek crisis on Monday evening, siding with Alexis Tsipras and the Syriza government in Athens and slamming the IMF and international creditors for... (Read full story).

Podemos Marches In Support Of Tsipras Greek Referendum And Against IMF "Financial Terrorism"

NEWS: Podemos and United Left officially joined the #IAmWithGreece (#YoVoyConGrecia) march in support of the actions of the Syriza government in Athens that took place in central Madrid on Saturday evening. The hashtag and "V... (Read full story).

Somos, A Trade Union Linked To Podemos, Becomes Leading Force At Spanish Economy Ministry

NEWS: Somos, a trade union linked to Podemos, received the most votes from workers at the Spanish Economy Ministry in an election on June 18. The new trade union, whose name in Spanish means “We Are” (compared to Podemos “We ... (Read full story).

Bitter Rajoy Tweets Anger At Left-Wing City Deals

NEWS: Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy tweeted his frustration at the “eccentric” and “sectarian” deals done across the country on Saturday to transfer large amounts of municipal power to left-wing, nationalist or regionalis... (Read full story).

Podemos Parties Enter Government For The First Time In Madrid, Barcelona & 5 Other Spanish Cities

NEWS: After 24 years of Popular Party control in Madrid and 20 years of control in the Andalusian city of Cádiz, the Podemos candidates in each city were sworn in as mayor on Saturday morning to take control of city hall. Can... (Read full story).

PP Blasts Role Of “Mean Spirited” PSOE In Left-Wing Deals To Oust PP From Town Halls Across Spain

NEWS: The Popular Party has issued a ferocious [statement][1] vilifying the attitude of the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) in its dealings with other parties after a raft of left-wing agreements were reported for town hall and r... (Read full story).

Left-Wing Parties Do Deals Across Spain To Oust PP From Town Hall And Regional Governments

NEWS: Left-wing and nationalist parties across Spain are supporting each other to oust the Popular Party from town hall and regional governments. In Barcelona, Republican Catalan Left has decided to support Ada Colau out of a... (Read full story).

PSOE And Ahora Madrid Reach Agreement To Make Manuela Carmena Mayor Of Madrid On Saturday

NEWS: The Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) and Ahora Madrid (Podemos) have reached an agreement to make the Ahora Madrid candidate, 72-year old Manuela Carmena, the new Mayor of Madrid, Europa Press and El Diario reported. Mrs.... (Read full story).

Madrid City Hall Orders Emblematic Podemos Squat Centre Closed Two Days Before Mayoral Election

NEWS: Two days before the votes for mayor take place around the country on Saturday, the Popular Party government in Madrid City Hall has ordered the closure of an emblematic community squat centre known as Patio Maravilla. C... (Read full story).

PSOE Reaches Deal With United Left To Oust Popular Party In 277 Towns Across Spain

NEWS: The Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) and United Left (IU) have reached a deal to provide each other with support in 277 town halls across Spain during Saturday’s votes to name mayors, Europa Press reported. IU leader Cayo... (Read full story).

First Metroscopia Poll Following Local Elections Suggests Sharp Drop In Support For Ciudadanos

NEWS: El País published its first Metroscopia poll on Sunday following the local and regional elections on May 24, as Spanish journalists debated the relevance of the survey—one of the two major national polling references—given... (Read full story).

Podemos Meets IMF Delegation In Madrid

NEWS: Podemos issued a [statement][1] on Friday saying it had held a meeting with IMF representatives in Madrid earlier on Friday evening “after the IMF made a request to Podemos” in the wake of the local and regional elections ... (Read full story).

Rajoy Accuses PSOE Of Moving Towards “Extreme Left” After “Disappointing” Meeting With Sánchez

NEWS: During a press conference with Moroccan Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane on Friday in Madrid, Mariano Rajoy said he did not: “like the local deals I’m seeing at all” in reference to post-electoral local government negoti... (Read full story).

Left-Wing Coalition Agrees Deal To Govern Valencia City Hall And Name Compromís Candidate Mayor

NEWS: The Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) agreed “in a little under two hours” to do a deal with Compromís and support their candidate Joan Ribó as the new Mayor of Valencia, the third largest city in Spain, according to regional... (Read full story).

PP Struggles With Election Rout As Left Surges

EDITORIAL: Senior members of the governing Popular Party began to react in different ways on Tuesday following the election results on Sunday night and Mariano Rajoy's stubborn defence on Monday of his party's 'victory', which saw th... (Read full story).

Opposition Parties In Murcia Want To Kick The PP Out Of Government For The First Time Since 1995

FEATURE: The Popular Party has governed Murcia for the last 20 years, since before Aznar. If the results turn out to be in line with the latest CEMOP poll on Sunday, the PP would continue to be the party with the most votes, with s... (Read full story).

Popular Party Punished, Confusing Coalitions Coming

EDITORIAL: The Popular Party (PP) lost a lot of political power in the local and regional elections on Sunday night in Spain, compared to 2011: 2.4 million votes and 3,757 councillors in the local elections, 128 seats in the differen... (Read full story).

United Left MP Denounces Letter Threatening New Coup In Spain If Podemos Government Elected

NEWS: United Left (IU) MP Alberto Garzón tweeted on Thursday that he had received a threatening letter “from one of the supposed 23-F coup leaders”, in reference to the February 23 coup attempt in 1981 during which the Spanish g... (Read full story).

PSOE Wins In Andalusia, Podemos Could Win Spain

EDITORIAL: After 33 years of Socialist Party government in Andalusia, with a 34% unemployment rate and with three former PSOE First Ministers about to testify as suspects in a billion euro fraud case, voters in the southern Spanish r... (Read full story).

Podemos Votes Against European Parliament Resolution Condemning Venezuelan Government

NEWS: Podemos MEPs Pablo Iglesias, Pablo Echenique, Miguel Urbán Crespo and Tania González Peñas this morning voted against a new European Parliament resolution condemning the current situation in Venezuela and calling for the i... (Read full story).

Spain’s Four-Way Flight Towards Uncertainty

EDITORIAL: Two-and-a-half months into the country’s quintuple election year, with two weeks to go until the early regional elections in Andalusia—the first real big test of where the country is headed—politics in Spain is now split f... (Read full story).

Podemos To Sue Former Spanish Prime Minister Aznar For Slander Over Venezuela Finance Claims

NEWS: Irene Montero, a member of Podemos’s Citizens’ Council, announced on Monday morning that her party is to sue former Spanish Prime Minister José María Aznar for slander over statements he made during an interview with an Am... (Read full story).

New Metroscopia Poll Splits National Vote In Spain Four Ways Leaving No Party Near Governing Majority

NEWS: The March Metroscopia poll for El País, published on Sunday, shows support for Podemos has stabilised above twenty percent. It fell from 27.7% of the estimated vote in February to 22.5% this month, but Pablo Iglesia’s part... (Read full story).

Where Is Podemos Really From?

EDITORIAL: In the weeks after Podemos burst onto the Spanish political scene in the European elections last May, it became clear that the strategies and narratives driving the phenomenal rise of the party were not as spontaneous and ... (Read full story).

Spain Responds To Greek Ingratitude

EDITORIAL: Fresh from his heated partisan entanglement with Mr. Zapatero over the former prime minister’s visit to Cuba to meet Castro, Spain’s Foreign Minister this morning mused that: “When one forms part of the European Union, sov... (Read full story).

A Huge Purple Bet On The Future State Of Spain

EDITORIAL: Spain is a big place, with a trillion euro economy, 46.5 million people. It’s not the United States or Russia or Australia, but compared to the size of one person and how long it takes him or her to get around, it’s big. M... (Read full story).

Tick, Tock…But For Whom Does The Bell Toll?

EDITORIAL: Perhaps Pablo Iglesias really was remembering Hugo Chávez’s use of the expectant explosive metaphor, or maybe he was inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s famous Spanish Civil War novel, in which the hero sets out with a bunch of... (Read full story).

Would Podemos Go To War With Russia?

EDITORIAL: This week Spain stepped forward and volunteered in an exceptional way on the international stage, given the country’s evolution in military matters and foreign policy in the modern era. Not only will Spain lead NATO’s bran... (Read full story).

New Metroscopia Poll Confirms Podemos Lead And Collapse In Support For Spanish Socialist Party

NEWS: February’s Metroscopia poll for El País, published on Sunday, awards Podemos first place in Spanish politics for the third time in four months, and the second month in a row, although with a slightly lower percentage of th... (Read full story).

Monedero And Venezuela: A Double Blow To Podemos

EDITORIAL: Truth is a slippery beast at the best of times and in a quintuple electoral year more so. Narratives driving voter perceptions of reality are what will determine the outcome and the state of play in Spanish politics by the... (Read full story).

100,000 Podemos Supporters March In Madrid & Pablo Iglesias Praises Six-Day Old Greek Government

NEWS: Tens of thousands of supporters of Spain's left-wing protest party Podemos filled the streets of central Madrid on Saturday in an organised march six days after Syriza won the general election in Greece. Many of the those ... (Read full story).

Spain Is Not Greece, Syriza Is ETA

EDITORIAL: Spanish newspapers were first to respond to Syriza’s election victory in Greece on Sunday night, rushing to print out their headlines. El País went with “agitation in Europe”; ABC “Populism Takes Over Greece”; Cinco Días: ... (Read full story).

The Exciting, Uncertain Birth Of A New Spain

EDITORIAL: Spain is pregnant with political ideas and the promise of new electoral life. The four political creatures Spaniards will give birth to in 2015 are already gestating in the nation’s womb. Three were planned affairs and, fo... (Read full story).

The Podemos Plan For Spain's Towns & Cities: Debt Haircuts, Control, Transparency And Patriotism

INTERVIEW: 57-year-old Toni Carrasco has been a secondary school teacher for the past 27 years and has been participating in left-wing politics in Murcia, Spain's seventh-largest city: "for the last 30 years or so in different ways".... (Read full story).

Three Scenarios For Spain In An Uncertain 2015

EDITORIAL: Uncertainty and important electoral battles are already baked into the next 12 months: the Greek elections come at the end of January, and local, regional and general elections in Spain later in the year. We still does not... (Read full story).

The Most Important Spain Story Of 2014

EDITORIAL: It has been a very busy year in Spain, filled with many unexpected events, otherwise known as “news”, in all areas of the national system. To choose one story from among them as the national event of the year is no easy ta... (Read full story).

Podemos & Syriza Ready To Storm Southern Europe

EDITORIAL: Suddenly, the threat of a major eurozone crisis is back, and this time the contrast between cold-hearted market-focused eurocrats and the will and passion of the poorer people in southern Europe will be very stark indeed. ... (Read full story).

“Next Year, Spain Has To Roll Over €200 Billion In Debt. How Is Podemos Going To Manage That?”

INTERVIEW: Following yesterday’s analysis of Podemos’s new economic framework document with economist Juan Ramón Rallo, The Spain Report spoke to José Carlos Díez, a lecturer in Economics at the University of Alcalá who writes regula... (Read full story).

A Look At The New Podemos Economic Document

THE BIG PICTURE: The meteoric rise of new Spanish political party Podemos is exciting imaginations across the political spectrum in Spain and abroad, especially with regard to their plans for the country’s ailing economy. Several recent po... (Read full story).

Podemos Now Leading Force In Spanish Politics As Popular Party Slumps To Third Place, Says Poll

NEWS: Spanish daily El País published a new Metroscopia poll late on Saturday night that put new political force Podemos in the lead in Spanish politics for the first time and left Mariano Rajoy’s governing Popular Party in thir... (Read full story).

This Is What Happens In A Podemos Citizens’ Circle

CHRONICLE: On a very warm June evening, around 100 people gathered in a civic centre over the rail tracks in the southern part of the south-eastern city of Murcia, in a working-class area where the yellow paint peeled off the outer w... (Read full story).

Unfairness In Spain And A Huge Economic Problem

EDITORIAL: At one end of the spectrum we have the IMF, PIMCO, Goldman Sachs and the Spanish government, who seem to many to obsess over bond spreads, bank bailouts, deficits, GDP and deflators. International investors recognise th... (Read full story).
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