Unidad Editorial Workers Threaten Indefinite Strike And Demand Resignation Of Galiano

The full list of measures announced by workers at Spanish dailies El Mundo, Expansión, Marca and publisher Unidad Editorial includes four different types of strike and a demand senior management, including Unidad Editorial chairman Antonio Fernández Galiano, resign.

A copy of the internal message—sent from the workers' committee to staff and obtained by The Spain Report—lists the four strike measures outraged workers have put on the table: 24-hour rolling strikes every Tuesday from May 3 until the end of the negotiation phase, an indefinite strike if negotiations fail, hourly five-minute stoppages on April 27, the first day of negotiations, and a partial byline strike—with some journalists refusing to sign their articles—from May 3.

They want Mr. Galiano, director general Javier Cabrerizo, human resources boss Tomás Pereda and financial director Rafaella Papa to resign.

"The workers of Unidad Editorial consider this savage lay-off plan is being imposed by Italian owner RCS, due to its financial situation, and not because organisational or economic causes exist within Unidad Editorial to justify it", said the communiqué.

First published: Apr 22, 2016, 21:25 | Last updated: Apr 22, 2016, 21:28
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