Catalan Public TV Host Burns Copy Of Spanish Constitution Live On Air

Empar moliner
"Look how well it burns", said Empar Moliner live on air.

Empar Moliner, a presenter on TV show Els Matins (Mornings), broadcast on Catalan public channel TV3, burnt a copy of the Spanish Constitution live on air during her commentary segment on the show on Monday morning.

Ms. Moliner ripped pages out of a copy of the Constitution as she spoke, tossing them into a metal waste bin. She then lit the contents with a match: "Look how well it burns!".

She was making a point on the injustice of a Constitutional Court ruling striking down a Catalan energy law which aimed to stop energy companies cutting off supply to poor families. "Poor Catalans will have to warm up with any book they have [to hand] as a heater", she said.

TV3 has uploaded the full clip to its website, with the title "When warming up in winter is unconstitutional".

PP spokesman Pablo Casado said that his party "demands an apology from TV3 for allowing a Constitution to be burned". He labelled the stunt "worthy of totalitarian regimes".

First published: Apr 12, 2016, 19:27 | Last updated: Apr 21, 2016, 19:05
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