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22 Aug 13:48
BLOG:Apologies For Site & E-mail Problems This Morning
A server fault caused two related errors. (E D)
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15 Aug 19:48
BLOG:10% August Bank Holiday Subscription Discount For You
Your subscription guarantees independent reporting. (E D)
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07 Aug 13:31
BLOG:Subscription Form Working Again
Two readers kindly pointed out the problem. (E D)
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02 May 18:52
BLOG:Faster Full-Text E-mails, E-mail News With Images + 30-Day Trials
Three pieces of good news for you today. (E D)
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27 Apr 20:16
BLOG:Tech: Might Be Some E-mail Problems Over The Next Couple Of Days
Thousands of readers multiplied by a live blog quickly adds up to a lot of e-mails. (E D)
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25 Apr 18:20
BLOG:Quick Survey: What's Your Ideal Price For The Spain Report?
Value is very subjective, your ideal price might be very different from the next person's. (E D)
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22 Mar 13:54
BLOG:The Strange Case Of The Disappearing Articles: All Fixed
Some readers reported problems. All fixed now. Apologies for the inconvenience. (E D)
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01 Dec 12:04
BLOG:New E-mail Options For Live Blog Updates & Daily Summaries
Your news is now instant on Twitter, the web and by e-mail. You can choose how you want to get it. (E D)
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28 Nov 11:32
BLOG:Explaining More I: The Editor, The Attention Economy & Media Business Models
The first part and articles of a new series explaining more about The Spain Report. (E D)
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26 Nov 18:58
BLOG:Chronicle Of A Train Crash In Tobarra
Originally published in Spanish on January 4, 2003 in La Opinión de Murcia. (E D)
25 Nov 15:50
BLOG:Superficial Ad Distraction vs. Deep Value Focus
The choice readers must make about who funds their reporting has important implications. (E D)
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24 Nov 15:50
BLOG:The Attention Economy & 21st Century News
The first battle is for attention and then news companies and readers must make a choice. (E D)
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24 Nov 15:32
BLOG:The Spain Report: More About The Editor & How It All Started
Welcome to The Spain Report. This is how it all started and what we're trying to do. (E D)
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28 Aug 12:22
BLOG:E-mail News In Version 4: Faster Alerts & More Control For You
The old version was a lethargic turtle, the new version is a sprinting cheetah. (E D)
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28 Jan 23:29
BLOG:Santander’s Front-Page Ad Stunt, News Business Models And Value In The Instant Attention Economy
The scarcest, most valuable resource in the 21st-Century media environment is readers time and attention. Every newspaper must decide if it wants to respect or waste that precious asset. (E D)
18 Jan 23:30
BLOG:Perspectives on Spain & Foreign Correspondence
Two trips around Spain to meet reporters, correspondents and journalism students were the perfect excuse to reflect on the evolution of the whole and restart The Spain Report’s blog. (E D)
22 Apr 00:31
BLOG:Positive news, negative news or just news?
Some readers like happy Spain stories, others more realistic ones, but important news is just important news; it’s not the selection of the stories that makes them bad news for Spaniards. (E D)
11 Aug 11:35
BLOG:#SantiagoNewsQuest: A First Theory
After speaking to a few people who were there that night, and seeing some interesting things, I think I have a first working theory of what probably happened. (E D)
10 Aug 10:00
BLOG:Lessons Learned After 5 Days On The Road
It’s been fun to learn some lessons about trying to be an independent foreign correspondent. (E D)
08 Aug 14:59
BLOG:#SantiagoNewsQuest: The Curve At Angrois
Last night I went up to the crash site at Angrois, on the edge of Santiago de Compostela, where the train slammed into the wall. They were holding a mass in memory of the victims. (E D)
07 Aug 11:15
BLOG:#SantiagoNewsQuest: Train To Santiago
And then it was time to get on the Alvia to Santiago and think about what was going on on that train two weeks ago, and it was also time to start talking to interesting people. (E D)
07 Aug 10:02
BLOG:#SantiagoNewsQuest: Trains, Trust & Speed
I arrived safely in Madrid from Murcia and was thinking on the way up about what it is about big accidents that makes them such powerful and shocking experiences for those involved. (E D)
05 Aug 00:25
BLOG:#SantiagoNewsQuest: Preparation IV
Al ready to leave tomorrow morning, first up to Madrid and then up to Santiago on Tuesday evening. Let’s talk for a minute about raw emotions and the importance of time. (E D)
03 Aug 11:13
BLOG:#SantiagoNewsQuest: Preparation III
I now have a train ticket for the Alvia from Madrid to Santiago on Tuesday evening at the latest. Tonight I’m going to introduce you to the idea of telling true stories with narrative structure. (E D)
02 Aug 22:13
BLOG:#SantiagoNewsQuest: Preparation II
Subscription-donations have increased today, to the point where I have started making travel plans for the first week. I should arrive in Santiago on Monday or Tuesday evening. (E D)
30 Jul 12:41
BLOG:Santiago Train Crash: News Quest
Stop what you’re doing and pay attention for the next 3.5 minutes. If you’ve been reading news about the Santiago train crash on Wednesday in Spain, you’ll want to do this, and it’s about more than time or money anyway. (E D)