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Announcements and thoughts on The Spain Report, business and journalism.

Some Of Your Comments And Questions About What Would Make You Subscribe To The Spain Report

BLOG: Thank you to everyone who replied to [the question][q] about what would make you [subscribe][s] to The Spain Report. Here are some of your replies and comments, with answers. — *"The simple answer is ..... if it were fr... (Read full story).

What Would Make You Subscribe To The Spain Report?

BLOG: Just a quick note tonight. Lots of people subscribe to The Spain Report, and some of them are kind enough to tell us why they do so. This helps us provide you with a better news service. *(Testimonies and reasons [he... (Read full story).

Happy 2018! Here's A Better News E-mail System For You: Choose How Much, How Often And Which Stories

BLOG: So e-mail news alerts are great, they start going out as soon as we hit 'publish' and land in your inboxes a few seconds or minutes later, depending on where you are in the queue (one day we'll get round to instant mobile ... (Read full story).

Apologies For Site & E-mail Problems This Morning

BLOG: Our sincerest apologies for any problems you might have had accessing the site this morning. An unexpected server problem meant it was down for a few hours. That is now fixed, we think. Double apologies if you got the l... (Read full story).

10% August Bank Holiday Subscription Discount For You

BLOG: Whatever stage of your free 30-day trial you are at, or if you have just found The Spain Report, today you get a 10% August bank holiday discount. [Subscribe here now][1] The discount will be applied automatically to... (Read full story).

Subscription Form Working Again

BLOG: The subscription form was throwing up some errors after we updated the site to Version 5 a couple of weeks ago. They have now been fixed. So if you have been trying to subscribe over the last few days you may now do so:... (Read full story).

Faster Full-Text E-mails, E-mail News With Images + 30-Day Trials

BLOG: ### Faster Full-Text E-mails Spain Report subscribers get full-text e-mails of new articles or summaries in their inboxes as soon as we hit 'publish'. You can control if you want instant updates or daily summaries *... (Read full story).

Tech: Might Be Some E-mail Problems Over The Next Couple Of Days

BLOG: There might (or might not) be some interruption in your e-mail news alerts over the next couple of days. The provider we were using previously for that part of our service, a company called Mandrill, has decided to make [m... (Read full story).

Quick Survey: What's Your Ideal Price For The Spain Report?

BLOG: Could you please take 60 seconds to answer four very simple questions (just a number for each answer) to help us learn what everyone thinks about prices and online subscriptions? [Quick pricing survey: please click here... (Read full story).

The Strange Case Of The Disappearing Articles: All Fixed

BLOG: We pushed out some new changes to the way the paywall and log-in system code works over the weekend, in order to bring you a smoother reader and subscription experience. Some kind readers reported a specific problem whe... (Read full story).

New E-mail Options For Live Blog Updates & Daily Summaries

BLOG: Notifications on Version 4 of The Spain Report have been working well, much better—and much, much faster—than with Version 3. Instead of taking up to half an hour or even 45 minutes to get the news out to everyone, the sys... (Read full story).

Explaining More I: The Editor, The Attention Economy & Media Business Models

BLOG: The Spain Report is now over two years old, so it is evolved enough as a project to start explaining a bit more about how it works and what we're trying to do. This is the first part in a three-part series for you. If y... (Read full story).

Chronicle Of A Train Crash In Tobarra

BLOG: On January 4, 2003, the Talgo train which left Madrid at 4.45 p.m. to make its way towards Murcia didn’t arrive. It came off the tracks outside the village of Tobarra, in the Albacete region of Spain, at 7.05 p.m., in less... (Read full story).

Superficial Ad Distraction vs. Deep Value Focus

BLOG: The last few years have seen global media organisations thrown into a crisis that has revolutionised the way we find and consume news, with important implications for how readers consume news and how much they can trust th... (Read full story).

The Attention Economy & 21st Century News

BLOG: Right then, now you know a bit more about the editor and how this all started, let's talk for a couple of minutes about the crises and shifts in media, tech, society and the economy over the past few years; the global envi... (Read full story).

The Spain Report: More About The Editor & How It All Started

BLOG: We might as well start with a bit about who your editor is and how he came to building The Spain Report. My name is Matthew Bennett. I am British, 38 years old (1977) and I first came to Spain in 1998, to study and teac... (Read full story).

E-mail News In Version 4: Faster Alerts & More Control For You

BLOG: E-mail is great. Everybody online has at least one e-mail account. Your e-mail account is likely linked to your mobile phone, and it pings or buzzes when you get a new e-mail. Which makes e-mail great for news, if you do i... (Read full story).

Santander’s Front-Page Ad Stunt, News Business Models And Value In The Instant Attention Economy

BLOG: Spain’s Banco Santander bought up the front pages of the main Spanish newspapers this morning and both the bank and the newspapers were heavily criticised for it on Twitter. “Just goes to show”, was the general feeling: “w... (Read full story).

Perspectives on Spain & Foreign Correspondence

BLOG: Travel gives one the chance to reflect on life and its projects, and to gain new perspective on the evolution of the whole. It seems The Spain Report has begun to awaken not just the appreciation and patronage of growing n... (Read full story).

Positive news, negative news or just news?

BLOG: Journalism is a human activity, full of context and limits. Especially time and space. My time and, more importantly, your time. Space not so much nowadays with the internet, but limited nevertheless by the amount that mig... (Read full story).

#SantiagoNewsQuest: A First Theory

BLOG: So, on Tuesday evening I travelled in on the same Alvia train at the same time. Here’s the video of the train slowly taking that curve; and on Wednesday I visited the curve at Angrois where the Alvia derailed. They were ho... (Read full story).

Lessons Learned After 5 Days On The Road

BLOG: Ok, I’m now on my 4th day in Santiago de Compostela, investigating the train crash and meeting lots of interesting people (insider updates for subscribers here / subscribe here now). Some parts of our independent foreign c... (Read full story).

#SantiagoNewsQuest: The Curve At Angrois

BLOG: Admin note: if you’ve joined over the last couple of days, you can find all of the previous subscriber-only updates here in the subscriber articles section. Admin note 2: up to €1029.70 now…so WELL DONE and THANK YOU VE... (Read full story).

#SantiagoNewsQuest: Train To Santiago

BLOG: And then—after some last minute purchases (business cards and a digital recorder), a couple of meetings (Expansión and El Mundo), and some unexpected logistical challenges (broken metro lines) in Madrid—it was time to get ... (Read full story).

#SantiagoNewsQuest: Trains, Trust & Speed

BLOG: Right then, so off I went. The first time on a train for eight years. To travel all the way across the country to tell you a story about a train crash. I was very nervous at first, although I managed to calm down a bit lat... (Read full story).

#SantiagoNewsQuest: Preparation IV

BLOG: €814,70 … A GREAT EFFORT SO FAR! The more people subscribe and donate, the better trip I can do for you and the more we can help the victims. Even €10 helps if everyone chips in a little. You can subscribe-donate here. ... (Read full story).

#SantiagoNewsQuest: Preparation III

BLOG: €614,70 so far. THANK YOU! The more people subscribe and donate, the better trip I can do for you and the more we can help the victims. Even €10 helps if everyone chips in a little. You can subscribe-donate here. Ple... (Read full story).

#SantiagoNewsQuest: Preparation II

BLOG: €579,70 so far. THANK YOU! The more people subscribe and donate, the better trip I can do for you and the more we can help the victims. Even €10 helps if everyone chips in a little. You can subscribe-donate here. Today... (Read full story).

Santiago Train Crash: News Quest

BLOG: 79 people died on Wednesday night when their inter-city train smashed into a concrete embankment at high speed on a curve in Galicia. Another 22 people are still in a critical condition in hospital, including two little ch... (Read full story).
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