Spanish police and the supermarket chain Mercadona both confirmed to The Spain Report on Thursday morning that the shots fired at a store in Ourense (Galicia) were not part of a terrorist attack, refuting claims reported yesterday in British tabloid newspapers The Sun and the Daily Mail.

"He had no terrorist link at all", said a police spokeswoman: "it was not a robbery either. At one point in the video footage, he can be seen eating a banana and smoking a cigarette".

The police have not made the video footage public or provided journalists with a copy.

The attacker was a Spanish national who was a regular customer of the local supermarket, and had "decreased mental faculties", the police spokeswoman added.

A spokeswoman for Mercadona confirmed the Ourense supermarket attacker did not shout "Allahu Akbar" and was not wearing a suicide vest.

"It was not his intention to rob the store", she said. The man was a regular client, originally from the Basque country. No one was injured and the company has no reports of any money missing from the day's takings.

Uniformed and plan clothes police officers arrested the man in the supermarket.