The first poll published after Pedro Sánchez took the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) back into power with a motion of no confidence puts the party in first place.

Were a general election to be called today, the latest GAD3 poll for ABC says the PSOE would win 28.8% of the vote, or 118 seats in Spain's 350-seat lower house of parliament, Congress. The ousted Popular Party (PP) comes second, with 25.6% of the vote or 101 projected seats.

Ciudadanos comes third, with 21.1% of the vote and 70 seats, and Podemos fourth, with 13.1% of the vote and 34 seats.

Before Mr. Sánchez organised and executed his successful motion of no confidence against Mariano Rajoy, the PSOE was languishing in third place in the polls, and trending downwards, even placing fourth in the May Metroscopia poll for El País.

Ciudadanos, led by Albert Rivera, had edged upwards to nearly 30% of the projected vote, a position now stolen by Mr. Sánchez and the PSOE. Mr. Rivera's party moves down two places, and 7-8 points.

Pablo Iglesias's Podemos remains in fourth place, where it has been since the start of the year, but slumps even further to 13.1%. The party had been trending at 16-19%, depending on the poll.

Updated: 12:25 am, Jun 10 2018 (link)

La Razón Poll Puts PP First, PSOE Second, Ciudadanos Third

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A second poll published on Saturday night, NC Report for La Razón's Sunday edition, placed the Popular Party (PP) in the lead but agreed with the GAD3 survey in ABC that Ciudadanos had been pushed down to third place after the PSOE took power with its motion of no confidence.

"The Moncloa effect relaunches Sánchez and leaves Rivera reeling", said the newspaper in its front page headline.

The PP was awarded 25.5% of the vote, or 106-108 seats in the 350-seat lower house, the PSOE 24.9% or 96-99 seats, Ciudadanos 21.0% or 69-72 seats and Podemos again placed fourth but with 16.7% of the vote and 50-53 seats.

Updated: 11:09 pm, Jun 10 2018 (link)

El Diario Poll Also Puts PSOE First After Sánchez Takes Power

A new Celeste-Tel poll to be published by El Diario on Monday morning also gives the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) the lead after Pedro Sánchez took power in the motion of no confidence against Mariano Rajoy 10 days ago.

In the poll:

  • the PSOE is awarded 25.8% of the vote, or 102-105 seats, a twenty-seat boost compared to its current 84 MPs;
  • the Popular Party (PP) is given 24.3% and 98-102 seats, a drop of nearly 40 MPs compared to the current 137;
  • Ciudadanos gets 21.1%, with 65-68 seats, a doubling of its current 32 MPs;
  • and Podemos comes in with 17.4% of the vote and 50-54 seats, a fall of 17-21 MPs from the current 71.

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