Bill Browder, a noted critic of Vladimir Putin and supporter of the US Magnitsky Act, has been arrested by Spanish police in Madrid, he tweeted.

"Urgent: Just was arrested by Spanish police in Madrid on a Russian Interpol arrest warrant. Going to the police station right now."

Mr. Browder also tweeted a photo from the back of a police car: "In the back of the Spanish police car going to the station on the Russian arrest warrant. They won’t tell me which station".

The Spanish National Police and the Spanish Home Office initially declined to confirm the news or provide any further details.

Shortly before 11 a.m., Mr Browder tweeted a second photo of an English translation of his arrest warrant, dated May 30: "he/she has been arrested by his/her alleged participation in the criminal facts: fraud".

Mr. Browder posted an image of his arrest warrant.
Image: Mr. Browder posted an image of his arrest warrant.

A spokeswoman for Spain's National Police told The Spain Report, however, that the arrest warrant was no longer in force and that Mr. Browder had not been arrested as such but asked to accompany officers to a police station in Madrid to check his details.

"He has not been arrested", she said: "the warrant was no longer in force".

Update 11:25 a.m.: Bill Browder has confirmed he has been released by police, tweeting: "Good news. Spanish National Police just released me after Interpol General Secretary in Lyon advised them not to honor the new Russian Interpol Red Notice. This is the 6th time that Russia has abused Interpol in my case".

Mr. Browder confirmed he had been released on Twitter.
Image: Mr. Browder confirmed he had been released on Twitter.

Update 11:35 a.m. Spanish police told The Spain Report that Mr. Browder had technically been under arrest during the "hour or so" it took to confirm his identity and the status of the arrest warrant: "he was not handcuffed, though", said a spokesman.

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