In a statement to the country shortly after 1 p.m. on Friday, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said Basque terrorist group ETA would get "nothing" from Spain in exchange for the announcement of its dissolution.

"Today ETA recognised its failure, that it has not achieved any of its aims. They are not going to get anything for announcing their dissolution, ETA's crimes will continue to be investigated."

"We owe them nothing and we have nothing to thank them for."

"There has not been and there will not be impunity", said Mr. Rajoy.

The PM began his statement by remembering the 853 people "murdered by ETA over 50 years".

"The protagonists today cannot be the killers but [should be] the victims."

He said the story of ETA was "the story of those who used terror" and that the "cruelly murdered" victims were "not just another statistic".

Mr. Rajoy thanked Spanish security forces, the Crown, judges and prosecutors for their work against ETA over the past five decades.

"Today is not a day for celebrating."

"ETA has disappeared but the damage it did has not."

The Prime Minister said the Home Secretary would convene a cross-party meeting of the anti-terrorism group "to analyse the situation" following the announcement of the dissolution of ETA.

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