After a letter dated April 16 was published on Wednesday announcing the "end of the journey" for ETA, the terrorist group published another communiqué on shortly after 2 p.m. on Thursday, May 3 titled "Final ETA statement to the Basque people".

The terrorist organisation murdered 829 people and injured thousands more over more than five decades. A video message is also expected to be published on the BBC at around 7 p.m. on Thursday evening. Here is the full final statement from ETA:


Final ETA statement to the Basque people

ETA, [the] Basque revolutionary socialist national liberation organisation, wants to inform the Basque people of the end of its journey, after its members ratified the proposal to end the historical cycle and the organisation's function. As a consequence of this decision:

  • ETA has completely dismantled all its structures;
  • ETA terminates all of its political activity. It will no longer be an agent that holds political positions, promotes initiatives or address other actors;
  • Former ETA members will continue to struggle for a reunified, independent, socialist, Basque, non-patriarchal Basque Country in other areas, each where he or she best sees fit, with the responsibility and honesty we have always shown.

ETA was born when the Basque Country was in agony, strangled by the claws of Francoism, and assimilated into the Jacobin state [note: in the French or Spanish sense, meaning 'centralised'], and now, 60 years later, there is a living people that wants to own its future, thanks to the work carried out in different areas and the struggle of different generations.

ETA wants to bring to an end a cycle of conflict that brings the Basque Country into conflict with states, the conflict characterised by the use of political violence. Despite this, states persist in perpetuating the cycle, aware of their weakness in terms of strict political confrontation, and fearful of the situation that would lead to comprehensive resolution of the conflict. ETA, on the other hand, is not scared of such a democratic scenario, and so has taken this historic decision, so that the peace and freedom process may continue along another path. That is the logical sequence following the decision taken in 2011 to definitively abandon our armed struggle.

Going forward, the main challenge will be to build a process as a people that allows for the accumulation of forces, popular activation and agreement among those who are different, both in order to tackle the consequences of the conflict and in order to tackle its political and historical roots. Materialising the right to decide to achieve national recognition will be key. Left-wing pro-independence forces will work towards the creation of a Basque state.

We have taken this last decision to encourage a new phase of history. ETA came from the people and now dissolves back into them.


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