In a letter dated April 16, 2018, and published by El Diario, Basque terror group ETA, which murdered 829 people over a more than 50-year period, and injured thousands more, announced it had reached "the end of its historic cycle and purpose, putting an end to its journey".

"ETA has completely dissolved all of its structures and ends its political initiative", said the letter.

Servimedia reported the Home Secretary, Juan Ignacio Zoido, had told journalists on a trip to Morocco that Spanish security forces would "continue to pursue terrorists wherever they may be".

"The government will maintain its position", he said, adding that "ETA got nothing for stopping killing and it will get nothing for announcing what they call their dissolution".

The group said this was "the end of a process begun in 2010", but Spanish media reported today's new letter—following on from a statement on April 20 expressing remorse for different groups of victims—was not the final communiqué announcing the end of the end, after a period of several years in which the end of ETA seemed ever nearer but never quite arrived.

ETA first announced it was ending its armed violence in October 2011.

Last year, the terror group announced it was disarming.

"This decision", said today's new April 16 letter: "closes the historic 60-year cycle of ETA", but added that the conflict between the Basque Country, France and Spain is not over.

"The conflict did not begin with ETA and does not end with the end of ETA's journey."

The group said a "lack of will" had lengthened the conflict and said blame for the lack of agreement about how to end it was shared between ETA, the Spanish government and other groups in the Basque Country.

"ETA recognises the suffering caused as a consequence of its struggle."

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