"I am 22 and have a slight psychological disability. 4 men kidnap me and rape me repeatedly. Not happy with that, they run me over 7 times. Still alive, they throw petrol on me and set fire to me. 3 of my murderers are free. I am telling this story because Sandra Palo cannot. #Cuéntalo" (Main image).

"When I was 15. Quiet street. A boy comes up to me from behind and fondles my arse. He whispers: you're really hot. I don't know what to say. He leaves. He comes back, does the same but with more force, grabbing my hips and rubbing himself up against me. I shout. He leaves. Two people look at me. I feel ashamed. #Cuéntalo"

"I am a single mum. I have two kids. I broke up with my ex because he hit my son when he was drunk. He shot me in the chest and hurt my mum because I didn't want to get back together. My two children were orphaned. I'm telling you because my cousin cannot. #Cuéntalo"

"Once, out for a walk with an ex, a guy looks all over me like a piece of meat (that has happened to me many more times), this time my ex stops me in the middle of the street to shout at me that if someone was looking at me like that it was because it was my fault, and that I shouldn't be such a slag. #Cuéntalo"

"Feeling afraid on the way home at night: pretending to talk on the phone or asking a friend not to hang up until you get in the door, running nervously for the last few metres with the key ready. It happens to all of us, now we can live it together. We are not alone. #Cuéntalo"

"#Cuéntalo. 7 months pregnant, naked from the waist down on the bed, the gynaecologist told me 'women were prettier when they used to keep quiet', and he slapped me on the arse because I was asking a lot of questions. I froze and didn't say anything."

"My classmate told me she had been sexually abused by a teacher. She told her boyfriend she had been raped. We had to tell her parents what had happened. She tried to commit suicide. She suffers from anxiety and depression. We are still trying to collect witness statements to 'prove it'. #Cuéntalo"

"Gabriela was a really happy girl with lots of friends, until the day she went out with her schoolmates and they all drugged her, raped her, filmed it and shared the video. She reported it but no one believed her. I'm telling you because she committed suicide. #Cuéntalo"

"Getting home late and telling your mum to come out to the bus stop to wait for you because you're scared someone will do something to you but feeling scared at the same time in case they do something to your mum while she waits. It happens to lots of us. #Cuéntalo"

"My husband abuses me. I ask for a divorce. The sentence obliges me to live on the second floor of my attacker's house. I tell my story on TV. He gets annoyed because I report it, he comes round, ties me to a chair and burns me alive. I am telling you because Ana Orantes cannot. #Cuéntalo"

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