Court Deadline Threatens Debate: Supreme Court judge Pablo Llarena has given parties five days to make arguments concerning the release from remand of Jordi Sánchez for a confidence debate in Barcelona on Monday. The deadline runs right up to Monday morning. (Read now)

Gabriel's Parents Post New Video: Mr. Cruz said "we are going to find him" and Ms. Ramírez that "he is going to appear". (Read now)

Court Keeps Jordi Sánchez In Jail: Spain's Constitutional Court has voted unanimously to reject an appeal by the new candidate for First Minister of Catalonia, Jordi Sánchez, to be released from jail in Madrid, where he has been on remand since October. (Read now)

Román Escolano Economy Minister: Mariano Rajoy has appointed European Investment Bank (EIB) Vice President Román Escolano as Spain's new Economy Minister, in place of Luis de Guindos, who is leaving is role to become Vice President of the European Central Bank. (Read now)

PP Wants Expat Votes After Brexit: The governing Popular Party wants British citizens in Spain to able to continue voting in local elections after Brexit, El País reported on Wednesday, citing unnamed senior sources within the party. (Read now)