New Candidate For Catalan Leader: The Speaker of the Catalan Parliament, Roger Torrent, has formally put forward the former chairman of the Catalan National Assembly, Jordi Sánchez, as the new candidate for First Minister of Catalonia, after Carles Puigdemont withdrew. (Read now)

New Rajoy Tongue Twister: Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy coined another of his occasional—and much anticipated—tongue twisters on Monday morning while attempting to talk about regional financing during a speech in Badajoz (Extremadura). (Read now)

PSOE Demands Confidence Debate: The Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) has demanded Mariano Rajoy submit to a motion of no confidence in Congress if the Prime Minister does not succeed in passing a budget on March 23, PSOE leader Pedro Sánchez announced on Monday. (Read now)

500 Search For Missing 8 Year Old: Eight year old Gabriel Cruz Ramírez went missing last Tuesday evening in the village of Las Hortichuelas (Níjar, Andalusia). He had left his grandmother's house at around 3:30 p.m to visit his cousins' house, 100 metres away. (Read now)

Ciudadanos First, PP Third In Poll: A new IMOP poll in El Confidencial places Ciudadanos first on 28.5% of the vote, the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) second on 21.5%, the Popular Party (PP) third on 21.4% and Podemos fourth on 17.0%. (Read now)