Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy coined another of his occasional—and much anticipated—tongue twisters on Monday morning while attempting to talk about regional financing during a speech in Badajoz (Extremadura).

"I can assure you all I will do what I can and a bit more than what I can, if that is possible; and I will do everything possible and even impossible, if the impossible is also possible", he told the audience.

Europa Press reported the substance of the PM's speech was a €20 million investment in regional train infrastructure improvements.

During the 2015 general election campaign, Spaniards wondered what the Prime Minister meant when talking about who gets to vote for the mayor of a town.

"It is the neighbour who elects the mayor, and the mayor is the person who wants the neighbours to be the mayor."

In May 2015, Mr. Rajoy ended a campaign speech for the local and regional elections with: "Spain is a great nation and Spaniards are very Spanish and a lot Spanish. Thank you very much".