The Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) has demanded Mariano Rajoy submit to a motion of no confidence in Congress if the Prime Minister does not succeed in passing a budget on March 23, PSOE leader Pedro Sánchez announced on Monday morning during a press conference.

"If Mr. Rajoy does not pass the budget", he said: "and if as a result Mr. Rajoy does not call an early election, what we will demand at that moment from Mr. Rajoy is that, out of a duty to the citizens of this country and out of constitutional duty, he will have to submit to a motion of no confidence".

A spokesman for PSOE HQ in Madrid later clarified to The Spain Report that Mr. Sánchez was not proposing the Socialist Party table a motion of no-confidence in Mr. Rajoy—as it may do according to parliamentary rules—but rath...

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