Police Office Dies In Football Riot: A Basque Police officer has died while policing a riot between Spartak Moscow and Athletic de Bilbao fans in the area around the San Mamés stadium in Bilbao on Thursday evening. Mariano Rajoy condemned the violence. (Read now)

Left Denounces Rapper Jail Sentence: Pablo Iglesias (Podemos) said a "regression" of civil liberties was taking place in Spain that was "incompatible with democracy". Ciudadanos said glorification of terrorism charges are "an instrument in the fight against terrorism". (Read now)

Court Rejects Rapper's Appeal: José Miguel Arenas Beltrán, known as "Valtonyc", was sentenced to 3.5 years in jail for glorification of terrorism, slander of the Crown and threatening a regional politician. The Supreme Court said freedom of speech has legal limits. (Read now)

Anna Gabriel's New Haircut: What political lessons might be gleaned from the sudden public transformation of a scruffy anti-capitalist separatist into a friendlier character who seeks to safeguard her rights in exile in one of world's most advanced economies? (Read now)

Court Orders Arrest Of Anna Gabriel: (Read now)

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