Spain Needs Real Electoral Reform: Podemos wants to reform Spain's electoral system in a way that would give the two younger parties—Podemos and Ciudadanos—more seats at the expense of the PP and PSOE. Spaniards deserve more genuine far-reaching systemic reform. (Read now)

Podemos Electoral Reform Proposal: The Popular Party (PP) and the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) would get fewer seats with the same number of votes, and the two new parties—Podemos and Ciudadanos—would get more. The PP would lose 20 seats and the PSOE five. (Read now)

Ciudadanos Threatens PSOE Too: A new Metroscopia poll for El País, published on Sunday evening, suggests the flight of 900,000 votes from the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) to Ciudadanos, some 18% of total PSOE voters at the general election in 2016. (Read now)