New data showed 2017 saw the highest average temperatures ever recorded in Spain, the country's weather service, AEMET, said on Wednesday.

AEMET said that "2017 was an extremely warm year in Spain: the average annual temperature was the highest in the historical record, with an average temperature of 16.2ºC, a value that is 1.1ºC higher than the annual average" for the period between 1981 and 2010.

Seven locations in the already hotter and drier southern and western regions of the country—Badajoz, Jaén, Granada, Córdoba Ciudad Real and Cáceres—posted new all-time record highs thanks to an especially warm two days in July.

Granada airport took the prize for the hottest spot in Spain in 2017, reaching an official high of 45.7ºC on July 12, a full 2.7C higher than that weather sta...

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