Poll Gains For PSOE and Ciudadanos: A new Celeste-Tell poll for El Diario on Tuesday showed Ciudadanos and the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) gaining ground, and the Popular Party (PP) and Podemos losing MPs in Spain's 350-seat lower house of parliament. (Read now)

Spain Less Worried About Catalonia: New data published by Spain's Sociological Research Centre (CIS) on Tuesday shows Spaniards were eight points less worried about the independence of Catalonia in December than they were in November, but the problem is far from over. (Read now)

Artur Mas Leaves Separatist Party: The former Catalan First Minister said he had been notified by the Supreme Court that he is under investigation for his role in the separatist process, and that several ongoing legal battles leave him little choice but to step down. (Read now)