A judge at the Supreme Court in Madrid set bail of €150,000 for the Speaker of the Catalan Parliament, Carme Forcadell (Esquerra, ERC) on Thursday, the court confirmed at 10:30 p.m., after a series of individual hearings that lasted all day with her and five former members of her Speaker's Committee.

Carles Pugidemont's lawyer, Jaume Alonso Cuevas, tweeted "Stay strong, Forcadell, we'll have you home again soon", indicating that the Speaker would be detained until the money could be found.

If and when she posts bail, Forcadell will be prohibited from leaving the country and will have to hand over her passport.

Last week, the former regional business minister, Santi Vila, spent one night in prison on remand before deciding to pay his €50,000 bail.

The Public Prosecutor's Office had sought pre-trial custody for Forcadell, Lluis Guinó (PDeCat), Anna Simó (Esquerra, ERC) and Lluis Corominas (PDeCat), and conditional bail for Ramona Barrufet (PDeCat) and Joan Josep Nuet (Catalunya Sí que es Pot).

Guinó, Barrufet, Simó and Corominas have been freed but ordered to pay €25,000 bail each by next week. If they do not pay within seven days, they too will be jailed on remand.

Nuet has been allowed to leave without any conditions.

They are being investigated for rebellion, sedition and the misuse of public funds related to the Catalan independence process.

The Supreme Court, and not the National High Court, is seeing her case because Mrs. Forcadell still enjoys special legal privilege as Speaker and as part of the regional chamber's standing committee until the regional elections on December 21.

The prosecutor did not petition the judge for a bail amount for Barrufet, leaving the decision up the judge, and only asked that Nuet be required to appear before the court at regular intervals.

Forcadell, Corominas, Guinó and Simó reportedly used their last chance to speak before the judge's decision to distance themselves completely from the declaration of independence on October 27.