Catalan separatist parties—Junts Pel Sí ("Together For Yes") and the CUP (Popular Unity Candidacy)—have registered a motion to declare the independence of Catalonia in the regional parliament.

A copy of the document published by Spanish media included the phrase: "We constitute the Catalan Republic as an independent sovereign democratic, social state of law".

The text would also approve the activation of the secession bill approved by the regional chamber at the beginning of September and voided by the Constitutional Court and "begin the constituent process".

The first few pages are exactly the same as the document signed by separatist MPs in the regional parliament after the confusing session on October 10, that left the country wondering if Mr. Puigdemont had declared independence or not.

The new document extends the October 10 document first by one key paragraph and then by several pages of resolution.

The additional new paragraph makes it very clear separatists wish to declare the independence of Catalonia today: "WE ASSUME the mandate of the people of Catalonia expressed in the self-determination referendum of October 1, and we declare that Catalonia becomes an independent state in the form of a republic".

The resolution itself continues for another six pages, and contains the phrase: "To promote, before all states and institutions the recognition of the Catalan Republic".

The Speaker's Committee is currently deciding on which motions to accept for the second part of the session in the Catalan Parliament on Article 155, which is due to begin at 12 p.m.

The Speaker's Committee is chaired by the separatist Speaker, Carme Forcadell (Esquerra, ERC).

Published: 12:19 pm, Oct 27 2017 (link)

Catalan Parliament Confirms Independence Resolution Accepted For Debate

The Catalan Parliament confirmed to The Spain Report at 12:15 p.m that the independence resolution tabled by separatist parties had been accepted by the Speaker's Committee for debate in the chamber this morning.

The leader of the Popular Party in Catalonia, Xavier García Albiol, said his MPs would not vote.

The leader of the Catalan Socialist Party, Miquel Iceta, said his MPs would leave the chamber were a vote on the resolution to be called.

The start of the session has been pushed back to 12:30 p.m.

Published: 1:03 pm, Oct 27 2017 (link)

Public Prosecutor's Office Says Rebellion Charges Might Apply To Catalan MPs

The Public Prosecutor's Office told The Spain Report on Friday morning that charges of rebellion might be applicable not only to Carles Puigdemont and regional ministers in the Catalan government but also to members of the Speaker's Committee and MPs in the Catalan Parliament, depending on what happens next with the independence resolution that has been registered for debate.

The Public Prosecutor's Office said it had not yet studied the content of that new resolution: "we will have to analyse what happens".

In the Spanish Criminal Code, dating from 1995, the crime of rebellion carries a maximum sentence of 30 years imprisonment.