Catalonia's dovish regional business and knowledge minister, Santi Vila, announced on Twitter on Thursday night that he had resigned.

"My attempts at dialogue have failed once more", said Mr. Vila: "I hope to have been useful to First Minister Carles Puigdemont and to Catalans up until the last minute".

On Tuesday, Health Minister Dolors Montserrat said Mr. Vila "and possibly some other regional ministers" would likely resign if attitudes within the Catalan government shifted towards an attempt at a unilateral breakaway from Spain.

On October 5, Vila wrote an article in pro-separatist newspaper Ara that was considered to be an olive branch. It opened with the line: "What distinguishes fanatics from other people is that fanatics are not interested in reality, especially if it goes against their own convictions".

He concluded that "at these grave times we are living through, it is important that we as the citizens of Catalonia always act in a responsible, peaceful, civic manner.

His resignation was twice reported on Wednesday, and twice denied by his press secretary, Carles Arboli.

On WhatsApp, separatist groups called on supporters to mass at Parliament park in Barcelona tomorrow morning at 10:30 a.m.: "TOMORROW will be an IMPORTANT day, it will be THE DAY".

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