Catalan Deputy First Minister Oriol Junqueras (Esquerra, ERC) told the Associated Press on Wednesday evening that the Spanish government had left Catalonia “no other option” but to proclaim a new republic.

Mr. Junqueras told the AP he was commenting as leader of his party, Republican Catalan Left, not as a member of the regional government.

First Minister Carles Puigdemont has called a meeting of his regional executive and governing party MPs for 7 p.m., after it was reported that party, Junts Pel Sí ("Together For Yes") had agreed earlier in the evening to ask Mr. Puigdemont to declare independence from Spain.

Published: 6:58 pm, Oct 25 2017 (link)

Puigdemont Posts Defiant Instagram Message: "Onwards!"

Puigi instagram

Catalan First Minister Carles Puigdemont posted a message on Instagram on Wednesday evening, shortly before he met his regional government and governing party (Junts Pel Sí) MPs: "We will not lose time with those who have already decided to crush Catalan self-government. Onwards!".