The Catalan National Assembly (ANC) called on supporters to occupy the space between the Catalan Parliament and the High Court in Catalonia at 6 p.m. on Tuesday evening, the organisation said in a statement.

At that time, a session is due to begin in the regional chamber at which some kind of declaration of independence from Spain is expected to be made, although the session is billed as a debate on the general political situation.

The ANC said it was calling on people to "advance alongside Catalan institutions in defence of the result of the October 1 referendum". Two giant screens will be installed (red crosses on the map).

ANC chairman Jordi Sánchez will be present at the event.

On Monday morning, the High Court in Catalonia ordered National Police to take over responsibility for the physical safety of the court building and staff from the Catalan Police (Mossos).

Published: 8:57 am, Oct 10 2017 (link)

Catalan Police Close Parliament Protest Park

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On Tuesday morning, the Mossos announced that the park in Barcelona that surrounds the regional parliament will be closed to the public all day "for security reasons".

The Catalan National Assembly had announced a protest there for Tuesday evening, but is now calling for people to gather in a street adjacent to the park where the High Court in Catalonia is located.

Published: 11:30 am, Oct 10 2017 (link)

After Police Close Park, ANC Puts Giant Screens In Front Of Court

Anc giant screens court

The Catalan National Assembly (ANC) announced on Tuesday morning that, given police had closed parliament park, it would be putting its two giant TV screens right outside the door of the High Court in Catalonia.

Several thousand demonstrators are expected to turn up.