With only two days remaining before the Catalan government attempts to hold a suspended vote on secession from Spain, a burning object was thrown by two unknown suspects at the Civil Guard station in Igualada (Barcelona, Catalonia) on Thursday evening.

Earlier in the day, Civil Guard officers in the town seized 100 ballot boxes, 2.5 million ballot papers and four million envelopes related to the referendum.

Spanish newspapers rushed to headline that the object had been a "molotov cocktail"—a bottle containing a flammable liquid such as alcohol or petrol—but the Civil Guard told The Spain Report on Friday morning that such a description was "excessive".

"It was a burning rag", a spokeswoman said, adding that an investigation had been opened nonetheless for an assault on the police.

El País described the object as "a kind of molotov cocktail". El Periódico de Catalunya, which published a photo of the object (above) described it as "a burning package".

Civil Guard officers managed to douse the flames by themselves and no one was injured during the incident.

A spokesman for Civil Guard trade union AUGC told RNE radio that the burning object had hit the station wall and that he hoped the situation in Catalonia did not get worse.

"We would not like to see a repeat of the situation we saw last night."

Another Civil Guard trade union, APROGC, condemned the attack.

Several hundred additional Civil Guard officers have been sent to Catalonia for anti-referendum duty.

Neither the central government, in its drive to enforce the law, nor the Catalan regional government, in its push to hold the suspended referendum on Sunday, are backing down.

Published: 11:20 am, Sep 29 2017 (link)

Catalan Police Say "Burning Rag" Was A Military Tracksuit

The Catalan Police (Mossos) in the Central Region of Catalonia, which includes the town of Igualada, confirmed to The Spain Report on Friday that the "burning rag" thrown at a Civil Guard station in the region was a "military tracksuit", or "military clothing".

"It was not an explosive device", said a Mossos spokeswoman. She did not specify which branch of the military the tracksuit might have once belonged to.

She added that Mossos patrols—at least one vehicle with two officers—had now been deployed outside every Civil Guard station in the Central Region. She could confirm not whether or not this was the case in the other policing regions in Catalonia.