Asked about the crisis in Catalonia on Tuesday at the White House, US President Donald Trump said "Spain is a great country and it should remain united", adding "I would like to see Spain continue to be united".

"I think the people of Catalonia have been talking about this for a long time", he added: "I'm just for a united Spain; I speak as the President of the United States".

He said secession would be "foolish".

Mariano Rajoy said US-Spain relations were "excellent" and that the two countries were "two democratic friends and allies".

The two leaders said they shared position on both North Korea and Venezuela.

President Trump said Spain had been "especially helpful" on Venezuela and Mr. Rajoy said he shared the president's impression on the "totalitarian drift" in Caracas.

Trump offered US support for "the vile terror attack in Spain last month", and said that the US and Spain are "great friends and close allies", and that Spain is a "greatly admired country".

Mariano Rajoy arrived at the White House at 6:15 p.m. Spanish time and the two leaders had a short working lunch with their teams.

In the Oval Office shortly after Mr. Rajoy's arrival, President Trump said the Spanish Prime Minister is "highly respected" and that the US has a "very close" relationship with Spain.

Published: 11:03 pm, Sep 26 2017 (link)

Rajoy Cancels Estonia Trip Because Of Catalan Crisis

The Spanish Prime Minister has cancelled the second leg of his foreign trip this week, to a European Union summit in Estonia on Friday, because of the situation with the Catalan referendum, Spanish media reported on Tuesday.

He will return to Spain from the United States.

As of Tuesday night, the Catalan government still means to ahead with some kind of a vote on Sunday, October 1, despite the central government's attempts to derail the logistical preparations for the event.