On Monday, [short video clips started appearing][1] on Twitter showing people in several Spanish cities—Córdoba, Huelva and Toledo—cheering loudly and clapping Civil Guard units leaving for anti-referendum duty in Catalonia. More of these clips appeared on Tuesday morning, from cities all around Spain: Murcia, Santander, Algeciras and Guadalajara. More flags, more cheering, and more applause. The chants ranged from "Long live Spain!" or "Long live the Civil Guard!" to the familiar "A por ellos, oéeee, a por ellos, oéeee", heard at football matches, which we might translate in this context as "Go get 'em, lads". One cry heard in Algeciras was somewhat harsher, "hostias como panes", ("kick some arse"), but the rest were mostly normal patriotic stuff with Spain's national flag. In another ...

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