• Referendum 'campaign' due to kick off on Thursday evening. 8 p.m. is the time, the Tarraco Arena Plaça in Tarragona, the city's old bull ring, is the place, and the main slogans will be "Hello New Country", "Hello Europe", "Hello World" and "Hello Republic".

  • King Felipe spoke about the situation in Catalonia. At an event to present some culture awards, the King said that "faced with those who are outside of constitutional and statutory legality and fracture society, I am sure that the rights that belong to all Spaniards will be preserved, and that the liberties of all citizens will be guaranteed and protected".

  • Catalan separatist parties want to suspend parliament. Until October 1. Junts Pel Sí and the CUP have petitioned the Speaker's Committee, which is chaired by republican Esquerra Speaker Carme Forcadell, to take the decision. They are arguing that parliament should be suspended because of the referendum campaign. There are two sessions scheduled for September 21 and 22.

  • Judge ordered the referendum webpage shut down. Minutes later, however, Catalan First Minister Carles Puigdemont himself defied the law again and tweeted out a link to the new website, which appeared to contain all of the content from the previous one. Whoever is administering the referendum webpages had clearly prepared for this eventuality.

  • Catalan police chief passed on the prosecutor's instructions. But stopped short of issuing his own direct orders to Mossos officers in Catalonia. A a spokeswoman for the Mossos refused to comment further on the document or offer any remarks on how the words it contains might be interpreted by officers: "We are not going to make any statement about that". (TSR)

  • Prosecutor ordered investigation of 712 Catalan mayors. For allowing the use of municipal facilities for the vote. The prosecutor's office also named the Catalan police, the Mossos—specifically—as the force that would act as judicial police to arrest the mayors "in the shortest period of time possible" if they did not comply with the prosecutor's investigation. (TSR)

  • CUP announced its mayors will disobey prosecutor. The radical-left Popular Unity Candidacy party, on whose 10 seats in the regional parliament the Catalan government depends, said its municipal leaders would not pay attention to Spanish prosecutors. One CUP mayor posted a video of himself on Twitter shredding the prosecutor's order.

  • Leading business association warned on social and economic risk. The CEOE said it supported the rule of law and "all actions" the government might take to enforce the law, but warned that "social co-existence and economic prosperity" are at stake in the Catalan crisis. It wants to see a political solution "with the greatest possible urgency". (TSR)

  • Civil Guard continued search for ballot boxes…in Galicia. Local newspaper La Opinión de Coruña reported Civil Guard officers were knocking on the doors of ballot-box production companies in the Galician city of La Coruña, 900 km west of Barcelona.

  • Separatist MP turned up in parliament with a printer. Gabriel Rufián, a young Republican Catalan Left (Esquerra, ERC) member of parliament, took the Samsung machine into the chamber in Madrid in allusion to the police searches for ballot papers and printing machinery. "Stop being ridiculous", he urged the government.

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