The Civil Guard confirmed to The Spain Report on Tuesday morning that Ángel María Villar, the Chairman of the Spanish Royal Football Federation—the RFEF, Spain's FA—has been arrested as part of an investigation into "irregularities in the management of the Federation".

Four people were arrested during the operation on Tuesday: Mr Villar, one of his sons, the RFEF's Deputy-Chairman for finance, whom several Spanish media outlets named as Juan Padrón, and Secretary of the Federación Tinerfeña de Fútbol, the Canary Islands' football association.

Mr. Villar is also a FIFA Vice-President. He has been Chairman of the RFEF since 1988.

In a press statement, The Civil Guard said the case was being led by an investigating court at the National High Court in Madrid.

The investigation is related to a range of corporate corruption charges, including misuse of funds and falsification of documents.

The Civil Guard has searched the offices of the RFEF and the Federación Tinerfeña, along with the business and private addresses of those arrested.

"During the investigation", said the statement: "which began at the start of 2016 following a complaint made by the National Sports Council, [officers] have been able to determine how the Chairman of the RFEF was supposedly able to encourage the organising of matches between the Spanish national side and other national sides, thus receiving compensation for services and other commercial relations that benefitted his son, a lawyer who specialises in sports law, who was also arrested during the operation."

The Deputy-Chairman for Finance "caused damage" to the Spanish FA with his economic mismanagement of the federation, and is also being investigated for "misappropriating funds" from the Canary Island's football association "via their diversion to a company" managed by himself and the Secretary of that regional association.

The RFEF and Canary Islands' football association were not immediately available for comment.