Pablo Iglesias confirmed his hold over Podemos at the party's conference, known as Vistalegre II, on Sunday, beating all comers to both the leadership of the party and its strategic direction via dominance of its Citizens Council.

Mr. Iglesias beat the only other contender for the post of secretary general, Juan Moreno Yagüe (Andalusia), by a very wide margin, 128.743 votes (89,09%), to Mr. Yagüe's 15,772 votes (10.91%).

In victory remarks, Mr. Iglesias said party members had "given us an order: unity and humility".

He also claimed victory over Podemos number two Iñigo Errejón for sway in the political direction of the party, its organisation, ethics and equality proposals, and in terms of the number of loyal members on the Citizens Council.

Of the top ten spots on the council, Mr. Iglesias's group took eight places, versus Mr. Errejón's two.

Across all of the different votes, Pablo Iglesias was supported by some 53-61% of members, compared to Iñigo Errejón's 34-36%.

Mr. Errejón suggested a slightly different interpretation of the results after the presentation: "the mandate that has come out of Vistalegre II is one of unity and plurality". He said his position as the party's political secretary was now in the hands of the Citizens Council.

Of the remainder, the strongest showing was from Miguel Urbán and Teresa Rodriguez's anti-capitalist sector, on 9-12% of the vote. The anti-capitalists joined forces with Pablo Iglesias on the equality proposal, pushing the combined winning share to 61%.

The dispute between Messrs. Iglesias and Errejón had become a much more public, contested and bitter fight for the soul of the party, broadly described as a return to its more combative, anti-establishment protest roots or a strategic shift towards the left-of-centre that the Spanish Socialist Party has dominated since Spain's transition to democracy at the end of the 1970s.

Shouts of "Unity!" peppered the proceedings at the party conference throughout the weekend.

The political direction of the party will now be based on a document defended by Pablo Iglesias titled "Plan 2020. Beat the Popular Party, govern Spain, build rights", and its organisation centred on "Leading by obedience". Mr. Errejón's opposition had been based on a broad proposal titled "Bringing back hope".

More than 155,000 Podemos members took part in different parts of the voting process.