PSOE Launches Abortion Rights Video As Popular Party Cancels More Cañete Interviews

NEWS: The Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) has published an abortion rights video to take advantage of comments on chauvinism made by the Popular Party’s leading candidate on Friday.

In the video, published five days before the European elections take place in Spain, and titled “Start to get your rights back #NoToChauvinism” a series of young women can be seen looking at their bellies, marked with a blue stain, in the mirror.

The accompanying text reads: “With the chauvinist policies of the PP [Popular Party] and the extreme right in Europe, your belly is no longer yours. It belongs to them”.

The video comes four days after the conservative Popular Party candidate, Miguel Arias Cañete, made remarks on a morning interview show in an attempt to defend his performance during the Thursday evening live TV debate with the Socialist Party’s leading candidate, Mrs. Valenciano, in which he read many of his answers from pre-prepared notes.

Mr. Cañete said that he would have given off a “chauvinist impression” if he had made use of his “intellectual superiority” to win a debate with a “defenceless woman”, in reference to Mrs. Valenciano.

Mrs. Valenciano made immediate electoral use of his comments online and in stump speeches she gave on Friday, saying that: “Cañete represents the oldest right in the European Union”.

Following his remarks and the political fallout over the weekend, the Popular Party has decided to cancel a series of press interviews programmed for their candidate this week, according to reports in Spanish newspapers today.

The prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, is to appear more often in public this week in place of Mr. Cañete, whose only remaining scheduled interview is with Spanish TV station TVE 1 on Friday morning.

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