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Spanish Left Has A Chance To Do "Syriza 2.0" At General Election, Says British Writer Paul Mason

SUNDAY INTERVIEW: "No democracy" inside the euro: "If you vote for what you want, the EU will crush you".

about 16 hours ago
27 Mar 19:40 EDITORIAL

Islamic State Terror: Has Spain Just Been Lucky?

Citizens have a right to more information, not less, after terrorists win another battle in Europe.

29 May 15:00 IN-DEPTH

Spanish Left Has A Chance To Do "Syriza 2.0" At General Election, Says British Writer Paul Mason

"No democracy" inside the euro: "If you vote for what you want, the EU will crush you".

Spanish Politics

29 May 20:00
A Prediction For The New General Election In Spain
Rajoy rallies right against the "rancid commies" as Iglesias runs towards strategic goal.
29 May 15:00
Spanish Left Has A Chance To Do "Syriza 2.0" At General Election, Says British Writer Paul Mason
"No democracy" inside the euro: "If you vote for what you want, the EU will crush you".
10 May 14:13
PSOE Rejects Podemos Offer Of Joint Electoral List For Spanish Senate
Despite the rejection, Podemos won Tuesday morning's media cycle in Spain.
10 May 00:26
Podemos And United Left Announce Deal For Joint Electoral List At New General Election
Rajoy warned "extremist" left wants to dissolve Spanish democracy, unity and economic progress.
03 May 11:23
No Party Close To 44% Needed For Overall Majority At New General Election, Says Poll Of Polls
No Prime Minister in modern Spanish history has won an overall majority with less than 44%.

Spanish Economy

29 May 15:00
Spanish Left Has A Chance To Do "Syriza 2.0" At General Election, Says British Writer Paul Mason
"No democracy" inside the euro: "If you vote for what you want, the EU will crush you".
28 Apr 09:53
Unemployment In Spain Back Up To 21% In First Quarter, Says INE
Youth unemployment at 46.5% eight years after the economic crisis began.
08 Apr 18:43
Candian Agency DBRS Cuts Spain From "Positive" To "Stable" On Political Ineptitude & Deficit Miss
Voters did not behave as expected and "it is not clear that another election would provide a decisive result".
03 Apr 21:35
Pedro Almodóvar, Former King's Sister And Wife Of Miguel Arias Cañete Appear In Panama Papers
Footballer Lionel Messi, under investigation for tax fraud in Spain, is also named.
31 Mar 11:39
Spain 2015 Deficit Balloons To 5.16%, Almost Full Percentage Point Above EU Target
Even worse result than the EU's gloomy winter forecast of 4.8%. Spain's 2015 GDP is €1.098 trillion.

Spanish Foreign Affairs & Military

09 May 11:30
Media Reports Spain Has Done A Deal With Al Nusra In Exchange For The Three Spanish Journalists
Emir of Qatar made a two-day unannounced royal visit to Madrid last week to meet King Felipe.
08 Apr 18:43
Candian Agency DBRS Cuts Spain From "Positive" To "Stable" On Political Ineptitude & Deficit Miss
Voters did not behave as expected and "it is not clear that another election would provide a decisive result".
05 Apr 22:00
Spain And Argentina "Bullies And Ignorant", Say Gibraltar And Falkland Islands In Joint Statement
UK Foreign Office says it will respect the people of the two British territories.
05 Apr 14:10
New Allegations Of €7 Million In Venezuelan Funding For Podemos Think Tank CEPS
Deputy PM quick to label foreign state party financing criminal on morning TV show.
28 Mar 17:22
Spaniards Troll UK Contest To Name New Ship After Spanish Admiral Who Resisted British Fleet
The one-eyed, one-legged, one-handed Blas de Lezo thrashed Admiral Vernon at Cartagena de las Indias.
Latest Spain News Updates
2 Minute Spain News, 06 Apr 09:20
Mary beard princess asturias

Mary Beard, a British professor of classics at Cambridge University, and the classics editor of the Times Literary Supplement, has been awarded Spain's 2016 Princess of Asturias Prize in Social Sciences.

The Princess of Asturias Foundation said in a statement...

5 days ago
Metroscopia may 22 2016

A Metroscopia poll for El País [published][1] on Sunday suggested both the furthest right and furthest left options available to Spanish voters have received a boost following the decision by Podemos and United Left to present a joint list at the general electio...

8 days ago
Gibraltar fifa

Gibraltar was admitted to FIFA on Friday evening as the organisation's 211th member at the 66th FIFA Congress being held in Mexico City. Members voted 172-12 in favour of the Rock's admission.

Bookmaker William Hill tweeted: "It has just been announced that G...

16 days ago
Iglesias unidos podemos

Pablo Iglesias announced on Twitter at 7 p.m. Spanish time that the name of the new joint Podemos-United Left electoral list for the general election on June 26 is "Unidos Podemos" or, in English, "United We Can".

"Now we've got a name: UNITED WE CAN", he wro...

16 days ago

Journalists at El Mundo, Expansión and Marca, and staff across publisher Unidad Editorial, began a second full day (24 hours) of strike action at 7 a.m. on Tuesday morning, after failing to reach a deal with management at the weekend.

Workers committees poste...

20 days ago
Rajoy three journos

The three Spanish journalists kidnapped in Syria last July, Antonio Pampliega, José Manuel López and Ángel Sastre, have arrived back in Spain, the Spanish Prime Minister's Office, Moncloa, confirmed to The Spain Report.

They landed in a Spanish military jet a...

22 days ago
El mundo no el mundo may 4

Unions at El Mundo publisher Unidad Editorial declared yesterday's first 24-hour all-out strike a "historic" success on Wednesday afternoon, in an e-mail to staff obtained by The Spain Report.

"El Mundo didn't make it to news stands, reduced versions of Expan...

26 days ago
Market services pmi may 2016

“While the headline activity figure from the latest Spain services PMI suggests that growth remained marked during April, other indices from the survey paint a less positive picture", said Andrew Harker, Markit senior economist, in the company's monthly press re...

26 days ago
Paro empleo abril 2016

Registered unemployment in Spain fell by 83,599 people in April, the Employment Ministry said in its latest monthly figures on Wednesday morning, a 2.04% drop compared to May. The new total is 4,011,171.

The fall was smaller than in April last year. The numbe...

26 days ago
Earthquake 3 7 lorca may 3 2016

A minor earthquake measuring 3.7 on the Richter Scale was recorded near the south-eastern town of Lorca (Murcia) at 1:56 p.m. Spanish time, the National Geographic Institute reported.

A spokesman for Lorca Town Hall told The Spain Report that no damage to bui...

27 days ago
El mundo newsroom empty

The El Mundo newsroom is empty today and neither the website nor the El Mundo Twitter feed have been updated with any news since 7 a.m. on Tuesday morning, when a strike across Unidad Editorial began in protest at a lay-off plan that will sack 224 workers, most ...

27 days ago

Civil Guard anti-terrorism officers arrested four people in Pinto and Ciempozuelos (Madrid) in the early hours of Tuesday morning on suspicion of "spreading terrorist ideology of a jihadi nature online", the institution said in a statement: "as well as the recru...

27 days ago

The Court of Arbitration for Sport ruled on Monday that: "the FIFA Executive Committee is ordered to transmit the Gibraltar Football Association’s application for FIFA membership to the FIFA Congress, which shall take all necessary measures to admit the Gibralta...

27 days ago

On Monday evening, workers' committees at El Mundo publisher Unidad Editorial issued a final statement in preparation for Tuesday's 24-hour strike action that will call on all Unidad Editorial staff to lay down their keyboards.

"Tomorrow, Tuesday May 3, at 7 ...

27 days ago

The full list of measures announced by workers at Spanish dailies El Mundo, Expansión, Marca and publisher Unidad Editorial includes four different types of strike and a demand senior management, including Unidad Editorial chairman Antonio Fernández Gali...

about 1 month ago

Journalists covering a conference given by Pablo Iglesias at Madrid's Complutense University abandoned the lecture hall after he singled out El Mundo reporter Álvaro Carvajal for commentary.

"I have to avoid Álvaro Carvajal, who looks like an epistemologist b...

about 1 month ago

Unidad Editorial, the publisher of Spanish newspapers El Mundo (generalist), Expansión (business) and Marca (sports), is to sack 224 of its 1,400 staff in a new round of mass layoffs, the trade union committee confirmed in a statement on Thursday.

It said the...

about 1 month ago

Moncloa, the Prime Minister's office, confirmed to The Spain Report late on Thursday evening that Industry Minister José Manuel Soria will not be attending cabinet tomorrow morning.

Asked if the decision had anything to do with the minister's problems in expl...

about 2 months ago

One person has been found dead in the rubble of the building that collapsed on Thursday morning in the town of Arona (Tenerife, Canary Islands), Emergency services in the Canary Islands confirmed to The Spain Report.

The only details about the dead victim are...

about 2 months ago

Two women and a man have been injured after a building collapsed in Tenerife (Canary Islands) on Thursday morning, police and emergency services confirmed to The Spain Report.

Two of the casualties have been taken to hospital: one of the women is seriously in...

about 2 months ago

In a brief statement on Wednesday evening, the Popular Party announced the chairman and secretary of the party's Rights & Guarantees committee had "provisionally suspended" the Mayor of Granada, José Torres Hurtado and his town planning councillor, Isabel Nieto,...

about 2 months ago
Rivera granada tweet

Ciudadanos has announced it is walking away from the local coalition deal it had done to allow the Popular Party to govern City Hall in Granada, after Mayor José Torre Hurtado (PP) was arrested on Wednesday morning along with the town planning councillor...

about 2 months ago

The Mayor of Granada (Andalusia), José Torres Hurtado (Popular Party), was arrested by police from the tax & economic crimes squad on Wednesday morning in a fraud operation, local media reported, along with the town planning councillor, Isabel Nieto, and...

about 2 months ago
Empar moliner gone

Catalan public broadcaster Televisió de Catalunya issued a statement late on Tuesday evening "lamenting" the "symbolic burning of some pages of a book with false covers that emulated the Spanish Constitution".

The TV station took down the online copy of prese...

about 2 months ago
Empar moliner

Empar Moliner, a presenter on TV show Els Matins (Mornings), broadcast on Catalan public channel TV3, burnt a copy of the Spanish Constitution live on air during her commentary segment on the show on Monday morning.

Ms. Moliner ripped pages out of a copy of...

about 2 months ago
Soria i know nothing

Spain's Industry, Energy & Tourism Minister, José Manuel Soria, named as a director in a Panama Papers company called UK Lines Limited for two months in 1992, denied any involvement with the company and "the Panama stuff" during a press conference on Mon...

about 2 months ago
Interior is weapons cache ceuta

Spain's Civil Guard was investigating "possible Islamic State links" to a box of weapons and an Islamic State flag found buried in a field in the Spanish North African city of Ceuta, the Home Office said on Saturday.

On Friday, the Civil Guard issued a st...

about 2 months ago
Hernando podemos document

The Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) watched the Podemos press conference on Friday morning "with surprise and outrage", spokesman Antonio Hernando said during his own press conference just before lunch, angrily criticising Pablo Iglesias, whose attitude w...

about 2 months ago
Long faces podemos

Podemos got a "very explicit rejection" from the PSOE to exploring a progressive coalition together, Pablo Iglesias said during a group press conference on Friday: "the only frame of reference they are not going to budge from is their agreement with Ciud...

about 2 months ago
2009 siesta study

There are few studies on how many Spaniards really sleep a siesta 16 years into the 21st Century, or how often. One—organised by the Spanish Bed Association (ASOCAMA) in 2009—shed some light on the topic.

16% of Spaniards—or about 7.5 million people—said they...

about 2 months ago
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