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10 Feb 15:08
UPDATE: Judge Frees Madrid Puppet Masters On Bail But Confiscates Their Passports

Judge Ismael Moreno Chamarro ordered the two puppet masters he had jailed on Saturday freed on bail on Wednesday afternoon, Spanish media reported, after the Public Prosector's Office reversed its recommendation and asked him to release Alfónso Lázaro de la Torr...

10 Feb 13:37
UPDATE: Public Prosecutor U-Turns, Asks Judge To Release Madrid Puppet Masters From Prison

The Public Prosecutor's Office in Madrid reversed its initial position on Wednesday and asked judge Ismael Moreno Chamarro to free two puppet masters jailed on Saturday without bail on accusations of glorifying terrorism, multiple Spanish media outlets reported....

09 Feb 18:54
UPDATE: IBEX 35, Spain's Leading Stock Index, Closes Below 8,000 For First Time Since July 2013

Spain's leading stock index, the IBEX 35, gave up what remained of the gains posted during the last 933 days on Tuesday, closing below 8,000 points for the first time since July 22, 2013, at 7,927.60, a fall of 194.5 points or 2.39% compared to yesterday. The in...

06 Feb 21:35
UPDATE: Judge In Barcelona Frees Self-Confessed Catholic School Paedophile On Bail

A judge in Barcelona, Miguel Ángel Tabares Cabezón, ruled to free a self-confessed paedophile on bail on Saturday evening, but confiscated his passport to prevent him from leaving the country and ordered him to appear each week before the court, El Periódico rep...

04 Feb 13:56
UPDATE: Podemos Overtakes PSOE In "Out Of Date" January CIS Survey

Taken together, the four Podemos brands—Podemos national, En Marea in Galicia, Compromís in Valencia and En Comú Podem in Catalonia—added up to a greater share of the vote (21.9%) than the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE, 20.5%), data from the latest Sociological ...

03 Feb 10:00
UPDATE: Guindos Says Economy Can Cope As Study Finds 126,000 Jobs & €7 Billion In GDP At Risk

Spain's Economy Minister Luis de Guindos [told the Financial Times][2] that the Spanish economy could cope with up to six months of political uncertainty—"it is not ideal but we can do it”, adding that: “There would be some uncertainty but it would not affect th...

02 Feb 12:51
UPDATE: Podemos Zaragoza Tweets And Deletes Suggested New PSOE-Podemos-IU Cabinet

The Podemos Twitter account in the northern city of Zargoza (Aragón) tweeted—and then deleted—a proposal for a new left-wing government for Spain on Monday evening. It claimed in a later tweet that "it was in no case an official proposal of the party", but the c...

02 Feb 11:29
UPDATE: Registered Unemployment In Spain Rises By 57,247 People In January

Registered unemployment rose in January in Spain by 57,247 people, and the total number of Spaniards who lost their job was 77,980. Most of the jobs (67,129) were lost in the services sector by women (40,809). The habitual annual uptick, which occurred in all bu...

01 Feb 22:38
UPDATE: PP Vows To Vote Against Any Candidate For Prime Minister That Is Not Mariano Rajoy

10 days after Mariano Rajoy declined the King's first invitation to attempt to form a new Spanish government, and with Mr. Rajoy set to meet His Majesty for a second time on Tuesday evening, Popular Party spokesman Fernando Martínez Maillo made it crystal clear ...

29 Jan 10:44
UPDATE: Appeal Court Rejects Govt Petition To Drop Fraud Charges Against Princess Cristina

The regional Appeal Court in Palma de Mallorca (Balearic Islands) has rejected a request by defence teams, the Public Prosecutor and the Attorney General's office to drop fraud charges against Cristina Federica de Borbón y Grecia—Princess Cristina, King Felipe's...

29 Jan 10:07
UPDATE: Modern Express Still Adrift "With A Very Heavy List In Rough Seas" In Bay Of Biscay

The Modern Express is still adrift in the Bay of Biscay "with a very heavy list in rough seas", the French coastguard said in a statement, adding that "the list appears to be stabilised and the ship doesn't seem to be taking on water". It is drifting east at a s...

29 Jan 09:35
UPDATE: Spain 2015 GDP +3.2%, Best Since 2007, January Inflation -0.3%, INE Reports

Spain's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) rose by 3.2% in 2015, preliminary data from the National Statistics Institute (INE) showed on Friday, the largest annual increase since 2007. The quarterly year-on-year rate increased to 3.5% in the last three months of the y...

27 Jan 12:16
UPDATE: French Coastguard Says Modern Express Cargo Is 3,600 Tonnes Of Wood, Heavy Machinery

The French coastguard told The Spain Report on Wednesday morning that the cargo on the Modern Express, adrift in the Bay of Biscay since the crew abandoned ship in force eight gales on Tuesday, was "3,600 tonnes of wood in bundles and a dozen pieces of heavy mac...

27 Jan 11:25
UPDATE: Rajoy Feigns Ignorance On PP Corruption & Says PP Will Not Allow PSOE Minority Govt

Mariano Rajoy said during a TV interview on Wednesday morning that he still wanted to be re-appointed Prime Minister and that the Popular Party should still govern, despite refusing the King's offer to try to form a new executive last Friday. He admitted the num...

27 Jan 10:31
UPDATE: Spain "More Corrupt Than Qatar" & "Plagued By Nepotism" Says Transparency International

The 2015 [version][1] of Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index slams Spain, which lost two points compared to 2014 falling to 36th out of the 167 countries surveyed. "Spain and Hungary are both plagued by nepotism and a lack of transparency",...

26 Jan 15:34
UPDATE: Podemos MPs Banished To The Back Of The Chamber By Other Parties In Congress

The new Podemos MPs in the Spanish Congress have been banished to the back of the chamber by the other parties (PP, PSOE and Ciudadanos) on the Speaker's committee, Podemos number two Iñigo Errejón complained on Tuesday morning. "They have sent 5 million voters ...

24 Jan 11:18
UPDATE: Unbalanced El País Poll Suggests PSOE Voters Prefer A Coalition With Podemos

A new Metroscopia poll published late on Saturday night in El País appeared to suggest Spaniards preferred a three-way establishment coalition between the Popular Party (PP), Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) and Ciudadanos, and that both Mariano Rajoy (PP) and Ped...

22 Jan 10:13
UPDATE: Barcelona CUP Councillor Cites Song Lyrics Offering To Slit King's Throat In Catalonia

Josep Gargantè, a Popular Unity Candidacy (CUP) councillor in Barcelona City Hall, said during a session to debate withdrawing the Catalan capital's gold medal from Princess Cristina—in the dock in Palma de Mallorca on fraud charges this month—that: "If the King...

22 Jan 09:49
UPDATE: Right-Wing Radio Host Says He Would Shoot Podemos Leaders If He Had Mafia Shotgun

The editor of right-wing online news site Libertad Digital, Federico Jiménez Losantos, who also hosts a weekday morning radio show on esRadio, said during Thursday morning's programme that he would shoot Podemos leaders Iñigo Errejón, Carolina Bescansa and Rita ...

13 Jan 19:37
UPDATE: Artur Mas Resigns His Seat In The Catalan Parliament

Former Catalan First Minister Artur Mas is now also a former member of the regional parliament, the Catalan government announced in a (very) brief statement on Wednesday evening. "The former First Minister of the Catalan government, Artur Mas, has resigned his s...

13 Jan 14:46
LIVE BLOG: Thanks For Reading The Live Blog. Full Story Shortly

Thanks for reading the live blog this morning. Spain now has a new functioning parliament, both the Congress and the Senate. Carolina Bescansa's baby was the story of the morning. Full story of the morning's events in the Spanish parliament ready for you to read...

13 Jan 14:02
LIVE BLOG: New Leadership Takes Charge Of Congress, Oath Swearing Fun Begins

Patxi López took the chair as the new Speaker along with the Deputy Speakers and Secretaries. The new Deputy Speakers began swearing in the 350 MPs, attempting to roll through the list more-or-less quickly. The 69 new Podemos option MPs, however, were set on giv...

13 Jan 12:47
LIVE BLOG: Debates Rage Over Baby Diego In Congress & Pixelating His Face In Photos

Two debates raged on Spanish political and journo Twitter on Wednesday morning, neither of them to do with the election of the Speaker. Both, of course, were related to Carolina Bescansa's baby boy Diego. There was criticism from many female journalists and poli...

13 Jan 12:08
LIVE BLOG: Patxi López (PSOE) Elected Speaker Of Congress In Second-Round Vote

Former Basque First Minister Patxi López (PSOE) was elected Speaker of the Spanish Congress in a second-round vote:

  • Patxi López (PSOE): 130
  • Carolina Bescansa (Podemos): 71
  • Blank ballots: 148
  • Null votes: 1

The numbers haven't real...

13 Jan 11:29
LIVE BLOG: Spanish Feminists Denounce Bescansa's Decision To Take Baby Son To Parliament

Spanish feminist organisation Red Feministas criticised Podemos number three Carolina Bescansa's decision to take her six-month old son Diego to parliament for Wednesday's opening session. On Twitter, the group said the decision was using "maternity as an elemen...

13 Jan 11:23
LIVE BLOG: Paxti López (PSOE) Doesn't Get Enough Votes In First Round Vote For Speaker
  • 350 ballots cast;
  • 130 for Patxi López (PSOE);
  • 71 for Carolina Bescansa (Podemos);
  • 149 blank ballots;

A second-round vote will now be held.

13 Jan 10:49
LIVE BLOG: A Baby In The Chamber: Podemos's Bescansa Breastfeeds Son During Vote

The political story of the morning so far in Spain is Carolina Bescansa's baby son Diego. The new Podemos MP, who is being proposed by her party as an alternative candidate for Speaker, decided to take her six-month old son along to today's opening session, desp...

13 Jan 10:43
LIVE BLOG: Rajoy Says PP Wants 4-Year Government Deal, But Admits Other Coalitions Possible

Briefing his parliamentary group on Wednesday morning before the voting began, interim Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said "the position of the PP is very clear, very understandable: this is a legislature that is beginning that is different from all of those we ha...

13 Jan 10:30
LIVE BLOG: Iglesias Admits Podemos Only Has 42 MPs, Says Real Deal Is Speaker For Prime Minister

In an interview on Cadena SER, Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias, who was overacting as if the election campaign were still taking place, said the deal between the Popular Party (PP), Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) and Ciudadanos was "shameful, shameful", adding tha...

13 Jan 10:18
LIVE BLOG: Rivera Says Ciudadanos Central To Deal Over New Socialist Speaker Of Congress

In an interview on Cadena SER this morning, Ciudadanos leader Albert Rivera claimed a leading role in bringing the Popular Party and Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) together to do a deal for the new Socialist Party Speaker of the Spanish Congress. If all goes acc...

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