El País: Suspension Of Home Rule In Catalonia To Continue

NEWS: Mariano Rajoy has decided to maintain the suspension of home rule in Catalonia, [El País reported][1] late on Saturday night, citing unnamed government sources. On Saturday, the new First Minister of Catalonia, Quim Tor... (Read full story).
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Pablo Iglesias Announces Shock Podemos Leadership Vote In Response To €600,000 Luxury Home Scandal

NEWS: Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias announced on Saturday evening that he was putting his leadership and seat as an MP in Congress to a grassroots vote in response to a political scandal surrounding his purchase of a €660,000 lu... (Read full story).

New Catalan First Minister Appoints Separatist Prisoners And Fugitives To New Regional Government

NEWS: The new First Minister of Catalonia, Quim Torra (Together For Catalonia, JxC), has announced the composition of his new regional executive. The list includes four former members of Carles Puigdemont's cabinet, two of wh... (Read full story).

Torra & Puigdemont Say Talks Now Up To Spain

NEWS: The new First Minister of Catalonia, Quim Torra (Together For Catalonia), and the former First Minister of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont (Together For Catalonia), gave a joint press conference, from Berlin, 24 hours after t... (Read full story).

Puigdemont And New First Minister Quim Torra To Give Joint Press Conference On Tuesday…From Berlin

NEWS: The new First Minister of Catalonia, Quim Torra (Together For Catalonia), is to travel to Germany to hold a joint press conference with Carles Puigdemont—who put Mr. Torra forward as a candidate only at the end of last wee... (Read full story).

Quim Torra Elected First Minister Of Catalonia

NEWS: Quim Torra (Together For Catalonia) has been elected as the new First Minister of Catalonia by MPs in the regional parliament following a second-round debate on Monday morning. 66 MPs voted in favour of his candidacy, ... (Read full story).

Radical Left Separatists To Allow New Catalan Government And Budget For Mariano Rajoy

NEWS: Despite the [defiant, anti-Spanish rhetoric][1], Catalan separatists will once again take power in the region—under the Spanish Constitution—after the radical-left separatist Popular Unity Candidacy (CUP), which holds the ... (Read full story).

Puigdemont's New Candidate For First Minister Promises To Keep Building Catalan Republic

NEWS: Quim Torra, the Together For Catalonia MP named by Carles Puigdemont as the new candidate for First Minister on Thursday night, said during his opening speech at a confidence debate in the regional parliament on Saturday m... (Read full story).

Wolf-Pack Rape Victim's Identity Published By Neo-Nazi Site, Forums, Was Available On E-Justice Portal

NEWS: The regional High Court in Navarra confirmed to The Spain Report on Sunday afternoon that the full identity of the [wolf-pack rape victim][1] had been publicly accessible online for 10 days via an e-justice portal with a v... (Read full story).

After Dissolution Of Terrorist Group, Rajoy Says Spain Owes ETA Nothing, ETA Will Get Nothing From Spain

NEWS: In a statement to the country shortly after 1 p.m. on Friday, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said Basque terrorist group ETA would get "nothing" from Spain in exchange for the announcement of its dissolution. "Tod... (Read full story).

No Women On 20-Man Panel That Will Examine Legal Definition Of Rape In Spain After Wolf-Pack Case

NEWS: Last Friday, after the controversial [wolf-pack non-rape judgement][1] was published to the outrage of women across Spain, the Justice Minister, Rafael Catalá (PP), announced he had asked the General Codification Commissio... (Read full story).

In Final Communiqué, ETA Announces Left-Wing Separatists Want An Independent Basque State

NEWS: After a letter dated April 16 was published on Wednesday announcing the "end of the journey" for ETA, the terrorist group published another communiqué on shortly after 2 p.m. on Thursday, May 3 titled "Final ETA statement ... (Read full story).

50,000 Sign Petition For Real Remorse From ETA

NEWS: More than 50,000 people have signed a petition [on Change.org][1] launched by Spanish intellectuals and victims—including philosopher Fernando Savater and Maite Pagazaurtundúa, whose brother was murdered in 2003— demanding... (Read full story).

ETA Announces Dissolution, "End Of Journey"

NEWS: In a letter dated April 16, 2018, and published [by El Diario][1], Basque terror group ETA, which murdered 829 people over a more than 50-year period, and injured thousands more, announced it had reached "the end of its hi... (Read full story).

European Parliament To Debate Definition Of Rape After Controversial Wolf-Pack Judgement In Spain

NEWS: Podemos MEP Tania González announced on Wednesday morning that the European Parliament had voted to amend the order of the day today and debate the definition of rape in member states after the controversial wolf-pack non-... (Read full story).

PSOE Split Over Minister's Wolf-Pack Judge Comments

NEWS: Hours after Justice Minister Rafael Catalá (PP) suggested on a radio programme that the dissenting judge in the [wolf-pack non-rape case][2] might not be in full possession of his mental faculties, the Spanish Socialist Pa... (Read full story).

Judges In Navarra Say Justice Minister Acted To Confuse Citizens And Should Resign Immediately

STATEMENT: Judges in Navarra and the regional branches of four Spanish judicial associations published the following statement in defence of the rule of law and the separation of powers on Monday, after Justice Minister Rafael Catalá... (Read full story).

Judges Demand Justice Minister Resign After He Smears Dissenting Judge In Wolf-Pack Non-Rape Case

NEWS: In astonishing public statements, Spain's Justice Minister, Rafael Catalá, smeared the dissenting judge in the wolf-pack non-rape case that has outraged people across the country since the judgement [was made public last T... (Read full story).

#Cuéntalo: Spanish Women Flood Twitter With #MeToo Abuse Stories To Protest Wolf Pack Judgement

PERSONAL STORIES: "I am 22 and have a slight psychological disability. 4 men kidnap me and rape me repeatedly. Not happy with that, they run me over 7 times. Still alive, they throw petrol on me and set fire to me. 3 of my murderers are fre... (Read full story).

One Million Signatures On Change.org Call For Wolf-Pack Non-Rape Ruling Judges To Be Disqualified

NEWS: A popular petition on Change.org that calls for the disqualification of the judges who wrote the wolf-pack judgement absolving five men of the gang rape of an 18-year old woman at the San Fermines festival in 2016 has coll... (Read full story).

Public Prosecutor To Appeal San Fermines Wolf-Pack Non-Rape Judgement That Has Shocked Spain

NEWS: The Public Prosecutor's Office in Navarra announced on Friday morning that it would appeal [Thursday's judgement][1] in the wolf-pack gang rape case that has shocked Spain, after judges ruled the crime was not rape but the... (Read full story).
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